SHIVER 12/94 Information by The Guardian
SHIVER 12/94 Information by The Guardian
Howdy people!
The Guardian here once again, bringing you all the latest and most
exciting news concerning shiver, that you have been waiting all
month for! jeah right Anyways shall we begin? No! Why not?
Because! Well too bad.. uhem.. As you have probably noticed, this
pack is kinda christmasy, to putcha in the christmas mood!
This month we have gained a ton of new members for the ever
increasing Shiver team. A fantastic upcoming artist in the scene,
with tremendous talent who goes by the name Asphixia from a group
called TiC joins our ansi division. And Cryptic Pain, and ACiD
courier decided to gang up with us. We were very blessed this month
in picking up one of the greatest old school artists in the scene.
Exile from ACiD productions decided Shiver was the place he wanted
to be, and what an honor it is for him to choose us over ACiD. Next
comes a vga artist from UNiON by the name of Formic Acid. This guy
has mastered the art of deluxe paint , as you will clearly see by
the vga in this pack. He has great leadership skills we didnt have
a VGA coordinator, so thus he was made one. And a mighty fine one
he makes indeed. Godsung, the former president of a group called ROC
joins our ever increasing ansi division. This guy has really
improved dramatically, from what ive seen in the old ROC Packs.
Check out his ansi in this pack to see for yourself. Nivenh, a
great artist from RELiC joins us, and a great ansi and ascii artist
from former DiE fame, PeeWee, joins us. Pepsi, a great VGA artist
that has been invited to several groups, ranging all the way to iCE
has chosen us over all his other options. Were extremely happy he
chose us, and once he gets his monitor working again, he should be
popping out some fantastic vgas. Protohipe from JUSTiCE joins our
ansi division. He just started drawing pics, and as you can see by
his pic in this pack, he has some real talent. A fantastic upcoming
artist from LAPSE named Tae, who has mastered the art of drawing
heads havent seen an ansi by him that has a body : has ganged up
with us also. Another extrodinary talent from iCE, decided Shiver
was the place to be. This guy has amazing ansi talents, and can
produce large quantities of them very often, as you can clearly tell
by the 20+ ansis or so in this pack by him : Not only does he have
fantastic ansi abilities, he is also one of the greatest american
musicians I have heard in awhile. Check out the music disk he
released under Shiver, to hear some of his extrodinary talent at
work. The filename is SHV-THMD.ZIP, and you can find it on the
Shiver WHQ, Evil Intentions, or on on internet.
And of course it will be floating around on various boards too..
Thanks for choosing us Thor, cant wait to see that new ansi your
telling me about! : And a great guy by the name of Utah Saint starts
out our telecom division once again. And yet another ACiD guy has
joined Shiver! we elite many of you remember this guy from the old
school days. He used to be one of the seniors in ACiD, and was one
of the only guys in Acid senior staff that actually did something.
He has recently come back into the scene, and has decided Shiver was
the place he wanted to be. After getting to know this guy extremely
well, he was promoted to senior staff. And from what Ive seen of him
sofar, he is doing a fantastic job at it, and I predicate will
continue being a senior for years to come. Had enough yet? Too
bad! Theres more! And your gonna like it OK! Uhem... as I was
saying.. Another great guy with an amazingly stupid and idiotic
handle dont worry I can call him that cause hes a personal friend.
im not really that mean to new shiver members.. or atleast you have
no proof. And anyways if you do have proof, its none of your
buisness, so keep it to yourself and dont tell anyone, or I will be
forced to kill your family and eat them for dinner named Wheat Germ
joins our couriering division. And a fantastic VGA artist named
Zargon, who has a knack for drawing violence joins us. And last but
not least, Zer0 from former VOR fame, decided that Shiver was the
place he wanted to be. This guy has just drawn two ansi pics in his
life, and his second one is in this pack. As you can tell, this guy
truly has some talent. I just hope he dont leave us for acid after
he draws his 3rd pic : Well I know I left someone out, I always do.
If I did, please contact me somehow, and Ill hit myself on the head
a few times, and say im sorry eighty nine times, like I did to
Zipperhead :
Shiver is currently trying to get all its members on the super
information highway. yeah that internet thingy, where you can
talk to people all over the world from shiver at no charge! If you
are a Shiver member, we will supply you with an internet account,
at expense of the shiver seniors, and completely free to you. If
you are interested in this elite deal, contact one of the seniors,
and we will getcha one.
Next on the agenda is ShiverNet. Many people keep asking..
Is ShiverNet up yet? The answer is no. We will be working on it
this month, and will hopefully have it fully functioning in time for
the next pack. And remember, all sites, besides member boards, are
required to carry the net, so if your a site and you dont want to
carry it then.. how do i say this nicely.. screw you!
Also nows a good time to plug Betrayer. I have been a selfish
mofo lately and havent even mentioned the great work he is doing.
He is recruiting members like a chicken without a head bad
terminology, I know he is doing a fantastic job with running the
Shiver WHQ, and is doing practically as much work as I am doing. He
deserves as much credit as I do in the group, so lets give him a
a big round of applause. uhem.. I said a big round of applause!
The Guardian hands out 20s to the audience clap clap clap..
j/k mike :
Well thats about all there is to say, to keep this short. Id
like to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New
Year! Peace yawz!
The Guardian SHIVER SS