SHIVER 11/94 Information by Shiver
SHIVER 11/94 Information by Shiver
1 1 / 9 4 I N F O R M A T I O N
Welcome to another month of listening to The Guardian tell you things about
shiver that you really dont want to hear or care about! elite eh?
Anyways, lets begin shall we? This has been a very active month in
shiver, as is every month. First off, we have went through a MASSIVE user
purge. It seems as though almost 1/2 of the members in Shiver havent done
a single thing in 3 to 4 months. Shiver has always been one of the most laid
back groups in the scene. We have no deadlines whatsoever, we tell people they
should try to make 1 piece of work in 4 months or so, and yet they still dont
seem to complete the simple job. Thus it is my interpretation that alot of
these people just joined for the affiliation. 25 members from Shiver have been
disbanded from the group. It was not an easy task doing this, considering many
of these people I have become good friends with, but as you all know, shiver hadway to many members, we still do, but thats beside the point : and it was
time for a change. Many coordinator positions have been changed around, and
we have spent many days getting everything organized. Check the current
member list to see where you stand. If your name is still in the member list,
you are still in shiver, and everything is the same. But if you are not in the
member list, then you have unfortunatly been disbanded.
Next on the agenda, is the resignition of proze from shiver. Unfortunatly
Proze has too much going on in life, to even turn on the computer, so he felt
it neccessary to resign from shiver. He was one of the founders of shiver,
along with me, and has been with us since the beginning. He will truly be
missed more than he can imagine by all...
With the removal of proze, the lit department, was definatly falling apart,
as you could tell in the last pack by the rather low quality of literature. We
decided that it was best to abolish the lit section, considering our literature
department was so horrid, and that the writers deserved a group with a better
lit section than what we had to offer. Maybe one day we will bring it back, whoknows...
We gained some extrodinary talent this month in shiver. Who you ask? Just
sit right back and ill tell ya! First off we gained one of the last 320x VGA
artists in the scene : Ackman From VOR, brings us some great needed help
in the vga department, and Phatal from a local group called LiD joins us,
also helping our vga department get stronger. which we really need.. so if
your a vga artist looking for a group come to us! : We have some fantastic
additions to the ansi department this month. One of the best upcoming ansi
artists I have seen comes to us, by the name of Crimson Ryder. This guy is
AMAZING. He just popped out of nowhere, bringing us some fantastic art work,
as you can see in this pack. He is truly one of the greatest additions to
the shiver ansi division. Also this month comes Creep from a disbanded group
called MiiS. He joined us as a logo artist only, but as you can tell by his
ansi in this pack, he can really draw pictures quite good also! Another ansi
artist named Demonseed joined us, who should have some great work to show us
next month, and Galahad from ROC has joined us, and will split up the ansis
he makes between the two groups. A great guy named Distemper from up in Canada
also joins our evergrowing ansi section, An Jack Daniels also ganged up with theshiver ansi crew this month. This guy really has a phunky euro stile, and I
cant wait too see what he pops out next! Killraven from former EMPiRE SS also
joins us, after a long abstance from the ansi scene, and boy what an honor it
is to have him. Thanks for choosing us man! One of the most productive shiver
members I have seen this month is Mephitopeles who really worked his ass off
making many ansis, for his arrival. Shatter Shot From Justice also joins up
with the ranks of shiver. And last but not least, Sub Zerox joins shiver,
as a great ansi artist, and a great ansi coordinator. due to the fact our ansi
division is so large, he will be splitting the job with DarkSword And last but
not least comes Slayer from Australia. He is truly a gift from god to our
couriering department. He will courier our packs to all our international
sites, and is the new courier coordinator. We need more couriers like this in
shiver! : Great to have ya man!
Also Id like to give a hats off to Cyric for making Shiver View, in my opinionone of the best viewers in the scene today. It now has RIP and BIN support,
which everyone asked for, and has a great new interface made by muh : Also in
the news Spectre changed his handle to Invisible Anarchy.
I tried to keep this as short as possible, but obviously I didnt do a very
good job of it g To make a long story short, all is well in shiver and expect
another fantastic pack next month! Until the next...
The Guardian Shiver Senior Staff