Alter Reality by Ares
Alter Reality by Ares
AReS SHiVER Productions 1994 If you would like to contact
Presents another AReS Ansi me just for the heck of it
If you would like to req- look for me on IRC in the
uest a SHiVER ansi, con- ansi channel, or call
tact The Guardian or up Alter Reality, and
call up the SHiVER apply, or leave feed-
World Headquarters back and ill get it
A L T E R R E A L i T Y
Seven One Eight Four Five Four Seven Seven Three Five
Sysop: Kindred Spirit AWoL Remote: AReS AWoL.PWA.SHV.JUS
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Artists Without Loyalty AWoL World Headquarters
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Greets Go Out To:
The Guardian, Max Carnage, Cardiac, Winter Rose, Phaser-X, Kindred
Bullethead, Brother Grim, Soul Rebel, M. Slasher Everyone In PWA!