Packaged Rebellion by Son of Sam
Packaged Rebellion by Son of Sam
If you want an Ansi from Son of Sam
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Mass Delusion. I wont charge one
red cent unless I really need the
cash or if I plainly just dont got
the time. Greets to:ALiVE and all
other art groups, ansi or otherwise
Looky Abom- I feel so damn elite:
Damn, I dunno fuckin anyone.
Ah well- Son of Sam Shiver.Terbium
Another lousy ansi from Son of Sam Shv.Terb Kid tested, mother approved.
The ashes had yet to reach the ground The lava ran from the mountain like
blood from an injured nose.The fire quested onward, down towards the
inhabitants of the doomed village. Some laid sacrifices to their
holy God, praying that the fiery death above would not claim them.
Others fled, leaving back their homes, clutching desperately to
their offspring so the children would not be trampled by the
other stampeding village members. But Satan would not allow for
those who escaped the fire and the deadly gases to leave the village
alive. From the deepest, darkest abyss in Hell, a great evil
begins to stir... The villagers are lost... Evil will prevail.
Packaged Rebellion
Sysop:Mass Delusion ALiVEWHQ
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Wballs, Iridium, Union, CIA, Suck
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osmium, menace ii society, scar,
hostile, scar, FYi, REM, illusion
Tons more shit and nets to name.
Ansi, font, lit and shit all done by Son of Sam. That skull looks shitty...