Plasma by Piston
Plasma by Piston
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PLASMA ANSi for SPLiNT 131 Lines Completed - 07/09/94 Shiver Artworks 94
Screen No. 3 - Piston.
HelOOOooOoooos go out to...
SPLiNT - I dont do Stats. : PRoZE - Is it 1 t
or 2 ts?!?!? Hound Crimson Flash Pyro Maniac UNiON - even though you dont like me : ACiD,
iCE TRiBE, Nation etc.. etc - Even though none of you know me : The whole SHiVER crowd - Even though i dont
know who 1/2 of the members are g And last but not least anyone i forgot to mention, who is important
g Ciao!! - Piston.
Deaths Head is c of Uhhh.. Marvel Comics? 1993.
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Yeah, yeah, yeah... No BACKGROUND?!?! Preach it to someone who cares!! :
P i S T O N O S H i V E R P R O D U C T I O N S c 1 9 9 4 .
Wheres the beef? : End.