The Hierarchy by Flood Myth
The Hierarchy by Flood Myth
Pic is about 51 Requests taken o
noriginal :.Idea from Sushi Bar Z
,Shadowhawk Gallery Necronomicon
1 c 1994 Jim shiver , o
rValentino. ANSi
tcompleted by Flood Thanks: AB, BM,MS
,Myth of Shiver, TG.
August 1994.
The Hierarchy
SysOp: Black Magik FileOp: Digital Orgasm CoOp: Black Aria
The Alliance Art Productions World Headquarters
Epinicion Music Productions World Headquarters
Euphoria Music Magazine World Headquarters
EF Western Headquarters Bass Productions Distribution Site
KLF Distribution Site SURGE Distribution Site
SHIVER Distribution Site PRO Member Site
SHIVER Network 420mb of Art/Music/Demos/Etc..
No Ratios For Long Distance Callers New User Voting Enforced
Everyone In The Art Scene Is Welcome To Apply
6 1 9 9 4 5 - 7 4 1 4
Serious 101 Ansiage By Flood Myth SHIVER / Fontage By The Guardian SHIVER