SHIVER 9/94 Newsletter by The Guardian
SHIVER 9/94 Newsletter by The Guardian
Circulation: Thursday, September 1st, 1994 1.50 Thursda
y1,201,391 Monthly c 1994 / Shiver Productions Designated Areas Highe
Welcome to the 09/94 Shiver Exhibition. As yo
u IM GONNA can see we have totally revamped the
KILL YOU information files, making way for a better
ASSHOLES!! looking, more effective, and much for fun
system of showing the information for the
particular month.
As you have probably noticed an 8/94
pack was not released. The reason for the
abstance of last month, was because we had
just lost the merger with Vi due to the fact
that UNiON invited all of the Vi artists to
their group leaving us with nobody from Vi.
Now this wasnt a big problem in delaying the
pack, but it left us very unorganized, and a
lot less artwork for the next shiver pack.
Assaylant approached Betrayer with a merge ide
a between SHIVER and MANiFEST and after a couple
days the merge was final.. But many of the
MANiFEST members didnt know about the merge
and we didnt have their work. Eventually we
Axe Battler Throws A Temper gathered all of the former manifest members
Tantrum when he finds out that and they all agreed to join shiver and gave us
the shiver 08/94 exhibition their work for the month. It took us from the
wont be released. 1st of august till the 15th of august to get
rather organized. We felt that releasing on
the 15th or later would totally throw us off our release date for the upcoming
packs so we decided to just skip august entirely and release on september 1st.
And as you can see it worked out great.
In the past 2 months we have gained many members..
alot of them from the manifest merger, but none STOP
the less many others that werent involved in IT
manifest. All of the seniors went recruiting like PROZE!
mad gypsies dont ask so that would explain the
long i mean long list of new shiver members.
Animous - Position: ANSI Artist / VGA Artist
Animous used to be a former shiver member but was
released from shiver, due to the fact he had to
improve his quality before getting back in shiver.
He has recently greatly excelled and has joined up
with us once again, and we appreciate him coming
back for us.
Asylum - Position: ANSI Artist
Asylum of CiA has recently joined us, and wow what CENSORED
a great honor it is to have him. His work is
absolutly stunning to the eyes. And he pops out
so much work its unbelievable I think we have a
new axe battler here guys : This guy really has
some major talent, and having him aboard the
crew gives me a reason to live : And after
talking with this guy several times, he is truly
a friendly guy. He will be splitting his work Proze abusing his privilag
ewith CiA, so if you wish to see anymore of his of being senior staff is
great work check out the fantastic cia pack for sexually abusing Barbie
the month. It is really fantastic to have you against her will.
aboard Asylum, thanks for choosing shiver!
Ares - Position: ANSI Artist / ASCII Artist
Shiver has gained another great logo artist by the name of Ares. From what Ive
seen of him, he really knows his logos, and its great to have another logo
master aboard the shiver crew. Thanks for coming to us man..
Barbie - Position: SHIVER Babe
Is this some kind of sick joke you may ask? Not at all.. You may ask why we
would need a shiver babe? Well some of our members feel down sometimes. You
know, girl problems, death in the family, etc.. and barbie of age 23 helps
them out and makes em feel better. Ask all the shiver members that have
spoken to her, and they will agree shes a great help : she even motivates
our artists to work on stuff for shiver! We dont know where we would be
without her.. so as you can see shes a great contributer to shiver and we hope
she stays with us for the longrun. You can usually find her hanging around in
the shiver channel. If you got any problems come to her, and she will try her
hardest to help ya Just dont mention proze, she is kind of mad at him right
now, look at the picture above :
Betrayer - Position: SENIOR Staff / World Headquarters Sysop
Most of you probably know Betrayer from MANiFEST, as one of the most friendly
seniors there has ever been. theres yer plug now pay me already : As we have
said earlier in this humongous info file we merged with MANiFEST, and
he has joined our staff and gathered up all the manifest members except
zipperhead, to make shiver stronger than ever before. Also he is the sysop
of the new Shiver World Headquarters. we have a new World Headquarters every
pack dont we? : And hopefully his board will stay Shiver Whq for more than
30 days hey a new record! I could go on and on what a swell guy betrayer is
but this info file is long enough already :
Binary Beast - Position: COURIER
Binary Beast came to us from MANiFEST. He used to be a senior for the group,
and has great leadership skills. Right now his position is that of a courier,
but chances are in the future we will give him a coordinating job. Hes a reall
ynice guy from what I have seen of him, yet ive only talked to him twice before,
for brief periods of time. Hes a great guy, and were glad to have him aboard
the shiver couriering crew.
Cyber - Position: RIP Artist
Cyber came along in the manifest merge and boy what a great addition he is.
He told me that he has only made 3 rips in his entire life, and his 2nd and 3rd
are in this pack, and they are absolutly awsome for 2nd and 3rd attempts at
rips. This guy has real talent, and in a few months I expect his rips will
excel those of ACiD if he keeps it up. Keep up the great work cyber and dont
leave us or we will be forced to kill you :
Cynical Grafix - Position: COURIER
Another great courier has joined the shiver team by the name of cynical grafix.
This guy has great dedication to shiver, yet can get rather nosey at times :
he will be helping us alot in the courier division and we welcome him aboard..
DarkSword - Position: ANSI Coordinator
Im sure all of you have heard about
DarkSword of former SLiVER Presidency. YAY IM IN
I love that name for some reason : SHIVER!
He was the best ansi artist in sliver,
and has great leadership skills from
being president of sliver. So we all
felt that he deserved to have the
position of Ansi Coordinator. Hes an all
around great guy, and were very happy to
have him aboard..
Deranged Evil - Position: CODER Coordinator
Another Manifest member named Deranged Evil
has joined up with us, and is truly one of
the greatest additions to the coding
department that we could get. He will be
doing alot of coding and coordinating for
us, and we appreciate all the time he is
spending trying to make our coding DarkSword shows his excitement of
department, one of the best there is.. getting into shiver by showing
all the shiver members what a
Dynosaw - Position: ANSI Artist fantastic dancer he is.
Now this is one phresh guy. Everyone meet dynosaw, one of the most layed back,
cool guys there is, with a phunky drawing style and everything. Dynosaw is als
oin a small south florida group called FAT, and will be making work for the
both of us. This guy really has talent, and a wicked sense of humor, so hes
one great guy to get to know. Thanks for joining us dynosaw, and keep drawing
those phresh pics.
Faazy - Position: ANSIArtist
Another excellant manifest artist has joined shiver by the name of Faazy.. This
guy has real talent, and his ansis are a pleasure to the eyes. I personally
havent spoken with faazy, but all his buddies in shiver in his area code, say
hes a really cool, light humored guy, and thats the kind of members we like in
shiver. Seems like an all around great guy, and I cant wait to get to know him
Fetus - Position: COURIER
Fetus is yet another manifest member.. I dont know much about fetus, but as wit
hmany of the other shiver members, I cant wait to get to know them better next
month. We thank him very much for supporting us, being a courier. Some people
have told me hes a real nice guy, and I believe em. Great to have ya in shiver
Flood Myth - Position: ANSI Artist
Now this guy is absolutly stunning at ansis. Everyone in shiver told me to try
and recruite this guy, even though I hadnt seen any of his work before.. But I
trusted my fellow shiver members saying he was awsome, and asked him to join
without even asking for any of his work. He then gave me some of his work and
I was absolutly stunned! He lived upto everything I expected and more.. You
can see how much talent he has by checking out his ansis in this months pack.
Ive been talking to him constantly, and hes a great guy like everyone told me.
Were extremely glad to havehim aboard!
Ice - Position: TELECOM Division
Ice has joined shiver this month, helping us out in the communications division
.He is a very nice, friendly guy who will be helping us with alot of things in
the near future. Were glad that he chose shiver, and for supporting us when
we need it. Thanks man...
Island of Reil - Position: MUSICIAN
A great musician with an unusual name has joined shiver yes fetus, there are
other people with unusual handles besides you : Ior will be a great addition
to the group, as he is in a music group also, called Epinicion did i spell
it right ms? : He can be a little lazy at times, hey even he admitts it :
But he is a really cool guy once you get to know him, and maybe he will have
some of his fantastic music in the next pack for everyone to see.
Lethal Outcast - Position: ANSI Artist
Another Fantastic ansi artist from manifest. Lethal Outcast is a new artist to
the scene, and hasnt been around that long, but already his ansis kick majoras
sThis guy really has talent, and is an all around cool and friendly guy. He was
in a few local groups besides shiver and manifest, but we hope he stays with
shiver for the longrun and doesnt head off to acid or ice :Thanks for stickin
gwith us lethal outcast, and keep popping out thosedazzling ansis!
Lord Valgamon Position: LITERATURE Coordinator / TELECOM Division
Next we have Lord Valgamon, one great literature artist. He writes his
literature like he really means it, and you can really see he puts his heart
into each and every lit he makes, ending up with a great writing style not
seen much in the scene today. He will also be helping us out in the telecom
division a bit too. Hes a nice, friendly guy except when someone pisses him
off : and were glad he picked shiver. After getting to know him, we realized
he had great leadership skills, thus promoted him to Literature coordinator.
Hes really a great help, and were more than glad to have him.
Nightfire - Position: CODER
Amazing! That explains Nightfires coding work in one word. When Nightfire
first said he was interested in joining Shiver, I thought to myself that he was
just another coder, who could code in Vga. But that is until I saw his
absolutly dazzling coding. For all of you guys that remember Second Reality
by Future Crew, think back to that starfield tunnel. Then run the starfield
made by Nightfire in this pack, and im sure you will agree Nightfires
totally exceeds the quality of Future Crews. Now this is a task that is
definatly not easy to do. He said he has a large amount of coding work which
I havent seen and I cant wait to see it! Were extremely happy to have ya
aboard Nightfire, and thanks for choosing us instead of Future Crew :
Outback - Position: ANSI Artist
Outback of former SLiVER fame has also recently joined the shiver crew, and wer
eglad to have this talented guy aboard. He just joined 1 day ago so I havent
gotten to know him very well, but I plan to in the future. Glad to have ya man
Overflow - Position: RIP Artist
Overflow comes to shiver from manifest, and were very glad to have him. He is
a truly talented rip artist, with a phunky style. He hasnt done any rips in
the past couple months, but he said he would get to work on some for the next
pack. Hes a very cool guy, whos been in the scene a rather long time, and is
as laid back as could be. Great to have ya aboard overflow.
Paradox - Position: ANSI Artist / RIP Coordinator / VGA Artist
Another former member from manifest, with great talent named paradox joined us
this month. He is a fantastic ansi artist, and his rips are really a sight for
sore eyes, and he just started experimenting with vgas too. Now this guy reall
yhas some talent. In the past month I have gotten to know paradox very well, an
dconsider him a close friend. Hes one of the coolest guys I have gotten to
know, and trys to help shiver out as much as he possibly can. He is our new RI
Pcoordinator, and we fully trust him to do a great job. Great to have ya man..
Psibelius - Position: MUSIC Coordinator
We welcome to Shiver one of the greatest classical musicians on the pc that
there has ever been. Now normally I dont like classical music.. infact I
despise it. Now when Psibelius showed me his first piece of work the s3m
inside this pack I absolutly flipped. The thing was absolutly amazing. It mad
eme feel refreshed and energenic, and was just overall mind blowing. If you don
tbelieve me, go check it out for yourself, and im sure you will agree. I cant
wait to see what he produces next! Due to the fact that Psibelius is also the
Epinicion Founder, we felt he exceeded the required skills to be music
coordinator, so thus he was made one, and is doing a great jobat it. Psibeliu
sis truly a gift from god to shivers music division, and were glad he chose us
out of the hundreds of other groups that support music outthere..
Quixotic - Position: ANSI Artist
Quixotic of manifest has joined us also as a great logo artist. He isnt very
good at pictures, but his fonts are very nice indeed. I havent gotten to know
Quixotic very well yet, but plan to in the future. I cant wait to see some
of his new font work next month. Glad to have ya quixotic!
Ravaged Soul - Position: LITERATURE Writer
Another great addition to our literature HEY GUYS
division this month is Ravaged Soul. Now I GOT IN
this guys lit is pretty darn good, and he SHIVER!
has a great storytelling style, which is a
nice refreshment to see. But the part that
sticks out most about this guy is that he
is as friendly as can be. He is laid back,
relaxed, and an all around cool guy. Its
great to have him aboard the shiver crew!
Shrike - Position: ANSI Artist
Meet Shrike, one of those artists with a
ansi drawing style of his own, and his work
is a treat for the eyes. Not only that but
he shades with a phunky color scheme which Ravaged Soul happily floats aroun
dis nice to see these days. And not to announcing that he was just
mention he is extremely cool, and a great accepted into Shiver.
guy to get to know. Thanks for joining up
with us shrike, we love ya you know what I mean smartasses :
Sonic Enigma - Position: VGA Artist / MUSICIAN
Sonic Enigma is definatly one of our greatest, dedicated Vga artists we have.
Every day he is working his ass off, getting some great work in. 3/4 of it
wasnt included in this pack, due to size constraints He has mastered the art
of povray it seems by the way he talks about it. I expect this guy will be
going into the buisness of vga art in the near future, due to his commercial
quality art. This guy does so much work we all told him to join another group
because we couldnt release everything that he gave us. : So he made a very wis
echoice, and also joined VOR.. Great to have ya man, just slow down a bit :
Son of Sam - Position: ANSI Artist
We welcome to Shiver Son of Sam One of the friendliest guys there is. Son of
Sam comes to us from former ALiVE fame, due to the fact that ALiVE is pretty
much dying slowly due to the fact the best artists have gone to UNiON. Son of
Sam has a nice original style to his ansis, with alot of them containing humor
which is nice to see these days. Its great to have ya aboard the shiver ansi
crew, Son of Sam, thanks for picking us!
Soultaker - Position: AMERICAN Coordinator
Soultaker, who has been in the scene quite a while has chosen to help out shive
rin any way we need it. If we need to call 10 or so people and dont have the
dough, he will gladly make the calls for us. If we are looking for new members
,once again soultaker comes through, recruiting us new members. It seems that
he is always there helping us, and he is a major asset to shiver, and we really
appreciate all that hes done for us, and what he will do in the future. Thanks
for picking us man, great to have ya aboard the shiver crew!
Spectre - Position: ANSI Artist
Now Spectre was one of those artists, who had some fantastic ansi talent, but
never really spent that much time on an ansi, showing everyone what talent he
had. Until the ansi he made for revolution number 9 in this pack. Now if you
ask me, that ansi is probably one of the top ansis in the pack, and completely
blew away my mind when I saw it. His ansis before this one were pretty good, I
must admitt, but that ansi with the chick, really showed off what a great artis
the is. now lets just hope he dont leave for acid : Not to mention, hes one of
the coolest guys around, with a great sense of humor, but he lacks a little
enthusiasm sometimes blah : hehe, thanks for sticking with us man, cant wait
to see what you pop out next!
Strict 9 - Position: CODER
Strict 9 came to us from ALiVE to help us out.
From the work I have seen from him, he really MAKE ME
knows what he is doing, and he will be coding A VGA! MAKE
many things for shiver in the near future. ME A ANSI!
Although he can be a little strict at times, g
he is an overall great guy, and were very happy
to have him aboard.
The Undead Sorcerer - Position: ANSI Artist
Next comes an artist named The Undead Sorcerer
from a local group called PRO. We worked it out
and he will be doing half his ansis for shiver,
and half his ansis for pro. From what Ive seen
of him, he really draws some wikid ansis : Ive Strict 9 shows all the Shive
rgotten to know him really well, and he is pretty members how strict he really
darn cool and laid back. Its great to see him is.
in the shiver crew, and I cant wait to see what
he whips up next.
Tyrus - Position: COURIER
Tyrus is a very well established courier that comes to us from iCE. He has not
dropped iCE but will be couriering for them and us. Hes a really friendly guy
and were very happy to have him couriering our packs..
AN EGG! Unfortunatly Shiver lost one of its most valuabl
e members this month to UNiON. Cheese Grater
He was definatly one of Shivers most loved and
most talented members, involved in fantastic
ansi, extrodinary rip, and dazzling VGA. We wil
l miss him more than he realizes. Good luck in
UNiON Cheesy. And if your ever interested in
joining up with us once again, you are ALWAYS
welcome in shiver. Good luck in the future bud.
We are sorry to report that LD-FROZN.MOD was
accidently put into the shiver 7/94 exhibition
by mistake. 1 hour after the pack was released
Cheese Grater Waves someone reported to us that the MOD had been
a happy goodbye to all his ripped off of SAHARA.MOD. I got the 2 MODs for
shiver buddies. myself and compared them, and they sounded
EXACTLY the same. I compared the filesize and
they were EXACTLY the same. Obviously this was a clear, plain and simple rip
where Lord Draxxon aka Mc Pete just renamed the information on the MOD. 2 hour
safter the 7/94 pack had been released Lord Draxxon aka Mc Pete waspermanently
disbanded from Shiver.
Shiver is putting on a contest this month, and the winner gets a free shiver
ansi or vga! How does the contest work you may ask? Well its very simple...
all you have to do is complete this sentence about shiver:
Shiver is better than.....
You can be creative as you want, and as long as you have a response it will
be posted in the next issue of The Shiver Times. The person with the
best answer will win the ansi or vga. Its as simple as that! How do i turn
in my response you may ask? You can call the WHQ at 408-251-6220 and leave
mail to The Guardian, Proze, or Betrayer. Or you may contact us on internet
in the shiver channel, and give us your answer. We will post the winner
in the next Shiver Newsletter.
Over the past few months we have gained 75+ sites due to the fact of several
merges. And basically not one single site gave us any support whatsover. A
few did but other than those few, most of them just wanted another name next
to their site list. We in Shiver have decided that ALL Headquarter Boards
And Distribution sites MUST carry Shiver Net or they cannot be a site. There
may be a few exceptions, but most of the time, no matter what your plead is
we will continue to tell you that you must carry shiver net to be a site for
Shiver. We all feel this is necessary for better communication, and is only
a turn for the better. So as of now, ALL SHIVER SITES HAVE BEEN DROPPED. Site
sare invite only. So dont bother applying or begging for a site, because it won
twork. We are slowly working up the site list once again until we get to about
15 Distribution sites, and 15 Headquarter Boards or so. The member site
situation for all Shiver members is rather hectic right now. We have over
50 members, and 1/2 of them have a board. Next month we will work on getting
your board name in the site list. If you are a Shiver member board you do not
have to carry the net, but it would be much appreciated. Im sorry to all the
former Shiver site sysops, but 75+ sites is ridiculous, and dropping them
all saved us alot of time, instead of doing it manually. Thank you for
BTW: The Shiver Net Packet Is in this pack under the filename SHIVNET.ZIP.
Even if you are not a Shiver site we would be very happy if you carried it.
Shiver Marshmallow Nut Fudge
60 marshmallows WARM AND
2/3 Cup Butter, Cubed CRUNCHY
2 tablespoons water
12 oz semisweet chocolate, chopped
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 1/2 cups coarsely chopped walnuts
Line bottom of 11 x 7 loaf pan with
foil. In a medium saucepan, melt
marshmallows, chocolate, vanilla and
nuts to marshmallow mixture. Stir until
evenly mixed and chocolate has melted.
Pour into prepared pan. When cool,
refrigerate wrapped in foil. To serve,
cut into 80 pieces.
Paradox nibbles on some delicious
Flood Beware UNiON of BoRG! Shiver Marshmallow Nut Fudge.
Neuropsy Choosy moms choose .GIF
Quazar Im not rascist! I just hate everyone...
Winter Rose Kiss my ass and like it!
Shaggy My hamsters name is RaD MaN
1. Why do cats always stick their butt up in the air when you pet their back?
2. When will Proze get his pubes?
3. Why didnt they just shoot Inspector Gadget in the head, and get it over with
,instead of trying all those stupid stunts to try and kill him, taking up 100s
of unneeded episodes for no reason whatsoever?
Photograph ByZulu King of Shiver Productions
Name: Barbara Jean
Bust: N/A She slapped me when I asked her
Waist: 26
Height: 55
Birthdate: 9-17-71
Birthplace: Arizona
Ambitions: Progress and be happy, a good career
AB Axe Battler SHIVER TG The Guardian SHIVER
TG: Sup man, ready for the interview?
AB: Sup, yeah
TG: So I finally get to interview the all mighty Axe Battler of Shiver eh? :
Ok dokey lets start... first off when did you start drawing ansis?
AB: ummm... about november-december, in there somewhere... of 93
TG: Wow man, you sure got ahold of making kick ass ansis in a hurry. If you
keep it up your gonna be the next Lord Jazz :. So what do you besides making
AB: I screw around with girls, play primal rage and work.
TG: Thats cool... So which artists in the art scene helped influence your
AB: hmm... thats a tough one, umm Sushi-X helped me become more famous but
I just mostly looked at Bad Karmas and Alter Egos.. as of my style, it is
actually pretty unique.
TG: yeah, ive noticed that. Your Revolution Number 9 ansi, definatly hada
style unseen to my eyes before.. Its a very nice style indeed and its nice to
see a new and fresh style, instead of the boring comic book ones we see so
often. About how long does it take you to do an average ansi?
AB: about 1 week on average if its 150+ lines and if im in an ansi mood :
TG: hrmm.. then how do you explain how you had 7 150+ line ansis in the 7/94
Shiver pack?
AB: Well I was like on an ansi rampage because this is when I started
to improve at a miraculous rate and I liked the feeling a lot, and I got
a lot of attention on irc :.. I also didnt have a life then :
TG: hehe your too good at ansis to waste your life on having a good time! :
hmm... what groups have you been in prior to shiver?
AB: letsee... I first joined Damage Inc... Enterprises, then Sonic, then
Punk, Coj, then Shiver. Went to tribe for a day, then came back to shiver
and now I am sorta in the middle of dark and I kinda want out of it.
TG: Ok man.. I cant think of anything else to ask ya.. got anything you want
to say to your fans?
AB: yeah, I would like to send shouts out to Dragon Emperor, Sushi-X, Guile, an
dFlood Myth Join Dammit! :
TG: hehe ok man, been great talking with ya, ill see ya round bud..
AB: See ya round shiver the place to be
Shiver Productions Members as of 09/01/94
Handle Positions
Animous Ansi Artist Vga Artist
Ares Ansi Artist Ascii Artist
Assaylant Courier Coordinator Founder
Asylum Ansi Artist
Audio Mix Vga Artist
Axe Battler Ansi Artist Advisor
Barbie Shiver Babe
Betrayer Senior Staff
Binary Beast Courier
Brightman Ansi Artist Ascii Artist Vga Artist
Ciez Ansi Artist
Corrupt Courier
Crimson Flash Coder
Cyber Rip Artist
Cynical Grafix Courier
Cypher Literature Writer
Darkfire Ansi Artist
DarkSword Ansi Artist Ansi Coordinator
Deranged Evil Coder Coder Coordinator
Dynosaw Ansi Artist
Entropy Vga Artist
Faazy Ansi Artist
Fetus Courier
Flood Myth Ansi Artist
Griffon Musician
Harmonic Distortion Coder
Hash Coder
Hellspawn Ansi Artist Musician Vga Artist
Ice Telecom
Island of Reil Musician
Lethal Outcast Ansi Artist
Lord Valgamon Literature Writer Coordinator Telecom
Necronite Ansi Artist Ascii Artist
Nightfire Coder
Outback Ansi Artist
Overflow Rip Artist
Paradox Ansi Artist Rip Coordinator Vga Artist
Piston Ansi Artist
Proze Literature Writer Senior Staff
Psibelius Musician Music Coordinator
Psychotic Smada Vga Artist
Ptarmingan Knight Ansi Artist
Qtak Ansi Artist
Quixotic Ansi Artist
Ravaged Soul Literature Writer
Ripper Jack Courier
Shrike Ansi Artist Coder
Sonic Enigma Musician Vga Artist
Son of Sam Ansi Artist
Soultaker American Coordinator
Spectre Ansi Artist
Strict 9 Coder
The Guardian Ansi Artist Senior Staff
The Undead Sorcerer Ansi Artist Vga Artist
Tyrus Courier
Vector Coder
Zulu King Ansi Artist
If your name was not on this list and you think you are a Shiver member, please
call the WHQ, Evil Intentions, at 408-251-6220 and leave mail to one of the
Seniors Betrayer, Proze, or The Guardian and we will get back to you involvin
gyour status in shiver. Thank you
Shiver Productions Site Listing as of 09/01/94
Board Name Phone Number Status
Evil Intentions 408-251-6220 World Headquarters
Revolution Number 9 305-436-2493 Usa Headquarters
The Crimson Waters 613-825-8934 Canadian Headquarters
Fatal Attraction +358-0-8886009 European Headquarters
Atari Blues +972-9-9-84193Israel Headquarters
Point Break +32-11436925 Belgium Headquarters
The Rapture 306-683-0735 Northern Headquarters
Shattered Beliefs 310-541-9779 Western Headquarters
Despair 708-301-2948 Central Headquarters
Realm of Darkness 410-313-9998 Southern Headquarters
Illegal Embassy 513-923-4984 Eastern Headquarters
Alter Reality 718-454-7735 Distribution Site
Suicidal Shrimp 514-768-3383 Distribution Site
Terra Firma 714-963-4851 Distribution Site
The Badlands 408-268-4251 Distribution Site
The Hierarchy 619-945-7417 Distribution Site
If you are not listed here your board is NOT A SHIVER SITE. As we have said
earlier, ALL FORMER SITES HAVE BEEN DROPPED. All sites are invite only. We wil
lbe adding many more sites to this list next month. Thank you for understanding
A Creative Way To Kill The Family Cat
1. Fill The Bathtub To the top with
2. Throw the cat into the bathtub
3. Light a match, and throw it into the
bathtub, and run like heck.
4. Tadah! Cat Flambe!
How To Get Rich Quick
1. Dress In A Very Dark Uniform With a The Guardian getting ready to make
dark hood so nobody sees your face, some quick cash in the graveyard.
And then get a shovel and flashlight.
2. Sneak out of the house at about 2amor so, and make your way to the local
3. Look for headstones which look rather expensive. to tell if the person is
rich or not
4. When you find a headstone that you like, start digging until you reach
the persons coffin.
5. Then open the coffin and look for jewelry on the body ring, necklace,
earrings, etc... or anything else which looks like it may have some value.
6. After you have got everything you want, close the coffin, and cover it up
with the dirt.
7. Sneak out of the graveyard, and wait for the morning. Then goto the local
pawn shop and sell the objects that you have gained. Chances are you will mak
e from 100 to 1000 from each grave.
Disclaimer: Remember these 2 things to do when you are bored, are not meant
to be ever done, and if you do them you are extremely stupid and doing somethin
gthat is against the law. These 2 things to do are for information purposes
only, and if you take them seriously you need to get some help. In no way
is it The Guardians fault if anything happens to you if you do engage in
these activitys.
Yes kids its another contest to win a FREE Shiver ansi or vga! How does this
contest work you may ask? Well its as simple as can be. All you have to do
is unscramblea sentance. Then get in contact with a Shiver Senior Proze,
The Guardian, or Betrayer You may contact them on the internet in shiver or
you can e-mail them on the whq Evil Intentions at 408-251-6220 with your
answer. The person to unscramble the sentance first wins! The sentence is:
ontd oyu tafanzsei bauot oingjni pu thwi het karsn fo ivsehr toeesmim?
In the next few paragraphs I will explain how shiver came to be, and the
situation its in today.
It all started one day with 2 groups. One little local one located in
Los Angeles, California. And one little local one in Ottawa, Canada. The
Californian one went by the name Mystic. And the Canadian one went by the
name of Idiom. One day the founder of Idiom, saw some Mystic artwork on a
net, and thought it was very good. He decided to call the Mystic whq and ask
if they were interested in a merger. And after many days of thinking about it,
the merger was complete. And the name of the newly formed group would be known
as Shiver.
About 1 month after the merger was complete, the 1st shiver exhibition was
released to the public, and wow what a response we got. People from all over
the world complimented our pack and wanted to join us. We then knew that Shive
rwas here to stay. Later on in the month one of the top art groups in the natio
nnamed Vi asked us if we were interested in a merger. They said We were very
impressed with your first pack, and are interested in merging with you guys.
They said we could keep the name Shiver, as long as they got the Whq. It
sounded like a great deal, and the merge was complete. 10 days later the 07/94
shiver pack came out. with no vi work in it It was definatly not near the
quality of the 6/94 pack although some people think it was much better than
the first pack. Then UNiON invited all of the Vi artists to join them, and
due to the fact that union is much better than shiver of course they gladly
obliged, leaving us with nobody from Vi. This was a major catastrophy due to
the fact that when we merged with Vi, we disbanded around 40 shiver members
due to the fact that shiver was getting to large. And when we think about it
now we realize it was a very stupid thing to do, but mistakes are made, and
thats life. So then we were left with about 15 members or so... and 3 pieces o
fwork for the next shiver pack. Things were looking very grim... at one time I
practically gave up and told everyone shiver was dead, and thought about
merging the group with CiA. CiA was extactic about the idea, and the merge
was almost complete until Assaylant thankfully thought that we could do it.
I slept on it, and woke up in the morning and also agreed that we worked to har
dto end the shiver legacy as of now. We told the members to start working on
things for the next pack, and we were getting in work fairly often. By this tim
eaugust had rolled by, we felt we needed much more time to release a quality
pack, so we all agreed that we should wait till september. Then about 5 days
into august, Assaylant saved us again by getting a merger between manifest and
shiver together. We gained about 10 excellent additions to shiver, once again
bringing us to the 25+ mark of members. We were getting in work daily now and
all the members were drastically improving. On about August 10th all of the
seniors went on a mad recruiting spree picking up some of the greatest members
that we could find. In the end we picked up over 30 new members in the month
of august alone. On about August 20th we were starting to get in some of the
greatest work shiver has ever seen, and since that day we keep getting more and
more fantastic work. And here we are September 1st with the best shiver pack
as of yet. I wish to thank all of the shiver members for choosing us out of
the wide variety of groups there are out there to choose from. As most of you
shiver guys know we are all a big group of friends that like to have a good tim
eand this pack proves that you can have a good time, while releasing an excellen
tpack. Great work guys!
First off I have to of course greet all my shiver buddies
Animous: thanks for coming back to us man!
Assaylant: thanks for everything you have done to keep shiver alive man...
Ares: ok so let me get this right, you code for justice, and make ansis for us?
Asylum: make some more rockin ansis for us man!! :
Audio Mix: Rockin Vgas dude! ...burp :P
Axe Battler: Hey god, dont you think im a better ass kisser than proze? :
Barbie: hey baby I think your sexy when your mad :
Betrayer: this was one smooth merger, glad jeah pick us!
Binary Beast: dont worry, youll get a coordinator position this month bud..
Brightman: eheh sorry for the delay man, I didnt have your number
Ciez: when jeah gonna get some more of your kick ass logos done eh?
Corrupt: thanks for helping courier shit when we need it man
Crimson Flash: ugh.. twas a bummer the suggestion box was a flop
Cyber: If Somms dont let you on Terra firma ill rip his nuts off for ya k? :
Cynical Grafix: your a little nosey.. j/k your VERY nosey : j/k again
Cypher: so now that imperials dead, your fully with us now eh?
Darkfire: hey man what happen to your kick ass ansis? Get to work pal :
DarkSword: Please Dont draw logos while your drunk.. :P
Deranged Evil: When jeah gonna code us some wikid loaders?
Dynosaw: I think your phonts rock man, why joo think they suck?
Entropy: hey man add a phont to that ryu vga, it looks to plain in da loader
Faazy: hey man your ansis phuckin rock make me one :
Fetus: Your handle is very.. uhmmm err.... original, yeah thats the ticket:P
Flood Myth: damn man give yourself some credit, your ansis kick major ass!
Griffon: that was one kick ass mod for the loader, great job man
Harmonic Distortion: the viewer you made rocks, just add sauce support.
Hash: are you in or out? Make up your mind man :
Hellspawn: Man you better stick to your word and not leave shiver! :P
Ice: thanks for all the accounts and cards man...
Island of Reil: get off your lazy bum and start pumpin out some toons! j/k
Lethal Outcast: dude you phuckin rock, keep up the kick ass work
Lord Valgamon: hey man gimmie ops on ansi more often k? :
Necronite: We used your fileid.diz, happy now?!?! :P
Nightfire: I think you should change your handle to Shiver Coding God :P
Outback: hey man, make us some kick ass toons k? :
Overflow: joo gonna draw us some kick ass rips next month or what eh?
Paradox: that ansi came out pretty bad didnt it.. hehehe oh well next time...
Piston: wow man, you have really improved at ansis, kick ass job!
Proze: Your so damn cheap! You gotta job you can kall me man.. :P
Psibelius: I listen to your s3m every day, awsome man, awsome
Psychotic Smada: hey man havent talked to you in a while, where ja been?
Ptarmingan Knight: that dogs pretty cute... i want one just like it:P
Qtak: thank you for the help, oh all mighty internet smart person :
Quixotic: when joo gonna draw us some wikid phonts eh?
Ravaged Soul: Dont you think that ghost is cute?
Ripper Jack: why are you such a stud and im not? hmmmm :P
Shrike: love your stile man, keep up da phunky work, say hi to darksword for me
Sonic Enigma: damn man I dont think 2 groups is enuff? how about 5? :
Son of Sam: hey man, thanks for joining us, great to have ya!
Soultaker: thanks for all the shit man, preciate it more than you realize
Spectre: tg: hey spectre sup man / sp: blah / :
Strict 9: damn man where did you get your handle? And I thought fetus was weir
dThe Guardian: hey man i envy you. You are my total god. I want to be YOU!
The Undead Sorcerer: man you eat to much sugar, take some sleeping pills! :P
Tyrus: thanks for getting those sites, really preciate it man..
Vector: that loader rocked, although it didnt do much, it was still cool! :
Zulu King: I dont think barbie will be that mad eh? P
Next I have to greet a few of my other buddies
Black Magik: lets get the merge going buddy! :
Cheese Grater: Come back to shiver man, we love ya :
Demize: I have a 100 request, a 50 request, and a 200 request :
Dosage: thanks a million for helping me with the database buddy
Godspeed: get your darn bot to stop autobanning me k? :P
Master Ken: you better not cheat me out of this one buddy :
Nailz: Sorry bout what I said man, no hard feelings I hope..
Odysseus: hey man, hope we can work something out.
Red Flame: ich bien munich? :
Somms: hey man there better be a greet on your next ansi for me :P
Thee 3rd: I know how much you love to make ansis :
Time Killer: Im serious, you shouldnt get involved in kitty porn, its illegal.
Toon Goon: Welp... you probably wont be reading this but playing muds eh?
Winter Rose: hey mature woman, I need some new pink tights k?
And All my IRC buddies, and everyone else I forgot...
Now I have to greet some krad groups
ACiD: tis a shame, you only had like 9 ansis in your last pack...what happend?
iCE: I still love your guys toons, no matter what anyone says..
VOR: those merges really helped you guys out, your packs rock now, great job!
TRiBE: the NEW TRiBE isnt doing so great, maybe you should start a NEW NEW TRiB
EUNiON: One day we shall get along hopefully.. one day..
iMPERiAL: any of you former imperial guys interested in joining shiver? :
Vi: well it was nice while it lasted, but as you can tell we definatly recovere
dNATiON: and you thought poop was cool! bah ours is much better :P
DARK: bah i hate you, I give you a good review, and you try to steal our member
sSHIVER: I think you guys rock, keep up the great work! :
ALiVE: are you ALiVE or DeaD?:P
RELiC: great pack guys, I still think the 4/94 was the best one though :P
CiA: I love your work guys... to bad the merge aint gonna happen :
PRO: get plazmatoid to listen to you guys :
If your group is not listed here then obviously I dont care eh? j/k
A group called Paris will be couriering the shiver pack all around america in
exchange of a few logos that have paris on them. We thank them for spending
their time helping our pack get spreadto places it hasnt been spread before.
BTW: this doesnt mean we dropped our couriers, paris is only spreading the
packs to non distribution sites
Due to the fact that the shiver treasury
has given us a very low budget to spend on HUH HUH
this newsletter, we had to make it in COLOR
black and white to save money on IS COOL
production costs. If we sell enough
copies of it, we may be able to upgrade to
a FULL COLOR newsletter next issue. So
tell your friends to support us and
purchase this newsletter also, to help us
out. Thanks alot we appreciate your help
in making this the best newsletter in the
Well Necronite had a cow when I told him
he couldnt take up a line on the
fileid.diz just to put his full handle on
it. So as I promised him, I made an
entire article, just to announce that Flood Myth gets excited about the
Necronite of Shiver made The FileId.Diz idea of the next shiver newsletter
This Month Happy now? sheesh : in full color.
Entire 1001 Line Newsletter Except Centerfold c1994 The Guardian SHIVER SS
Centerfold Picture of Barbie c1994 Zulu King SHIVER