If you would like to purchase an original Axe Battler ansi, you may contact him on internet at abattler@ideal2.cts.com or find him hanging around shiver, and on the board Sushi Bar Z in 619 Greets Out To The Following: Black Magik: Hope CoJ works out!! The Guardian: g0d4 : Lixx: What did you say..I Lov?? : Proze: Hey sup, Later! Sushi-X: I Appreciate your help!
The Unforgiven
SysOp Hot Keys - 9600k+ Only - 240mb Online
True 0-7 Day Warez - No Ratios To LD Callers
EvNetwork Headquarters - Valiant Network
SBC Network - Running Totally Customized OBV/2
Specializing In GUS Music Discussion And Files
6 1 9 P R I - V A T E
Ansi By Axe Battler of SHIVER / Font By The Guardian of SHIVER