If you would like to purchase an original Axe Battler ansi, you may contact him on internet at abattler@ideal2.cts.com or find him hanging around shiver, and on the board Sushi Bar Z in 619 Greets Out To The Following: Lixx: You and Pblank!!!!! : Cyblade: Who did you want? Sushi-X: No Ratios! The Guardian: Put your name on it! Abomination: NO Matrix NO NO NO :
Mortal KombatR II 1993 Licensed from Midway Manufacturing CompanyR
The Heretic Asylum THA
Cos: iLLUSiON Flood Sysop: Jello Douglasville, Georgia
Force Ten SHQ Integrity WHQ RELiC WHQ 404-947-2500
Fury SHQ Dark Distro Digital Infinity Terbium Mag Distro Distorted Site CiA Site Shiver Site VoR Site No NUP No Ratios No Warez Pure New User Voting
A n s i B y A x e B a t t l e r o f S h i v e r P r o d u c t i o n s
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