Its finnaly here, the 1st Shiver Exhibition. Chances are you probably havent heard much of us, and we planned it that way. We wanted to come into the art world with a boom! Now I suppose your gonna ask, Whats the history of the group? If not, too bad were gonna tell it to you anyways : It all started about 3 months ago. There was never a successful 31O group, that had released a single pack. There were never many artists in the 31O. Only 3 or 4 off hand could draw decently without using The Draw
fonts. Now we realized trying to get members would be a hard one, and also very money cosuming. Out of nowhere came artists who we
had never heard of wanting to join the group. Now this was great. At about this time we had about 6 31O artists that were very good.
Around then we were still trying to come up with a name. For about 1 month the name was Arcane. After the first month we realized we
were getting nowhere fast. Then we got a proposal from ALiVE for a merger.. But they wanted the group name and the WHQ so we
decided it wasnt worthwhile.. A few days later we got a call from the senior staff of a small 613 group called iDiOM. Now they agreed to
give us the WHQ, and decided that SHIVER would be a great name for our newly formed group. We thought this was a great proposition so the
merger was a complete success. With this merger we gained about 2O great members and a bunch of LD distros to help us on our way.
So in total we had about about 32 or so members. Now we were really going somewhere. Ansis were coming in by the day, and
everything was going well. And here we are today with around 45 quality members. Now you may say, oh great, another ansi
group, that makes 5 more new groups this week But on the contrary, we are different than the others. How you ask? Well first off we do
not have any advertised senior staff. What do I mean by no advertised senior staff. Basically many of the people who had been in
art groups before, did not like the idea of having people tell them what to do, or being better than them. Also it seemed aparent that
most people felt that the senior staffs of groups only wanted the senior staff position to put in their user note, or in their krad
macro. In our group we try to use as less authority as possible. Usually if there is a big decision to be made, all users in the
group will have a chance to vote on it. Also the group has absolutely no deadlines. We strive for quality not quanity and rushing the
author of the art to get 2 pieces in a month will only result in quanity. If someone in the group does not feel like doing something
for a month or two, thats fine. We do not want to pressure our members. What I hate about most groups is that it is run like a
corporation, with deadlines to be met, people bossing you around, etc... And also there is not a certain time which the pack will be
released. Remember there are no deadlines so when we feel we have enough art a pack will be released. Obviously though if a member in
the group has not done a thing for 4 months or so, they are no longer interested in the group Or just want the name for uses next to their
user note, or macro. So basically the point were trying to get across is, that nobody is the boss of you, nobody tells you what to do.
We will treat you like you want to be treated. This group is trying to be as laid back as possible, yet still retaining quality. And of
course the most important factor, to have fun! You can also reach us via internet in the IRC channel SHIVER and may find our newest
packs in the ftp site in the /pub/msdos/demos/ansi directory. Also if you are a shiver member and your art is not
in this pack, chances are it will be released in the next pack. We had over 8O pieces of excellent work. We dont want to die like
many other groups after the first pack by not having enough work, so chances are the art not released in this pack will be released in
future Shiver exhibitions. Also at this time we would like to thank Harmonic Distortion for getting a great viewer done in the time
of 2 days. Khyron was in charge of making the viewer but unfortunately he is in the process of moving and did not have any time whatsoever
to work on the viewer. He was working on a great 640x480 VGA viewer, with MOD, RIP, VGA, Etc.. support. But unfortunately noone could
finish it up for him because it was programmed in assembly, which noone in the group knows. But none the less we have a great viewer by
Harmonic Distortion and we wish to thank him very much for his efforts. Also we wish to thank Hash who spent many days and nights
coding a great application generator for us. And we would especially like to thank Crimson Flash for a wicked Suggestion box! And of
course we wish to thank all the other great Shiver members who made us what we are today! See ya next month...
The Guardian SHIVER Dosage SHIVER
Greets go out to: ACiD, iCE, HOSTiLE, UA, RELiC, UNiON, BAD, VOR, CRiSiS, and TRiBE
Aftershock Hope KFC kicks ass! Mass Delusion Thanks for all your help man
DarkFire Your getting better by the minute! Epic Cereal Eater! iDiOM Guys Without you we would have never
survived. Roadkill Im on pg 50 of my book! Backlash Go Mewik! Man of Tennis.
ENTRoPY There the app generators done! Brightman Hows it going Ratman? : Piston Your ansis rock keep up the good work
Proze Whats up The Furier Her?