SHIVER 05/95 Information by The Guardian
SHIVER 05/95 Information by The Guardian
S H I V E R 0 5 / 9 5 I N F O R M A T I O N
Howdy folks, welcome to another month of funfilled shiver stuff
i never was much for large words This month, has been a rather
normal month, I was on vacation for quite a while, so I missed out
on a couple weeks of what was going on with the shiver crowd.
Anyways, onto the information which you care about so much..
you guys probably wondered why the last pack said 04/65. I had
some great quote responses on people trying to figure out why it
said 04/65.. all the way from maybe hes dyslexic and maybe his
keyboard doesnt have a 6. But as most of you guessed, it was just
a little april fools joke. Nothing major, just something to keep
everyone confused and in suspense, making them want to get the very
pack you are viewing to find out the answer. was this worth 30
days of waiting? of course it was. right? good... On to bigger
and bolder things..
I have decided that i wanted to keep the group even more smaller
than it currently is. Currently Shiver contains about 35 members
or so. By next month we are probably going to have only 25 members
maximium. I am trying to keep the group as small and exclusive as
possible, and atleast 10 people will be disbanded from shiver.
Most of the people who have done ansis within the past 4 or 5
months, or have atleast showed some enthusiasm for the group, will
not have to worry about being disbanded though. As you know,
Shiver is constantly changing, and this is just one of the many
changes which will be happening in the near future. This doesnt
mean we are not accepting any new applicants, it just means that we
are going to be more strict on who we let in.
This month we gained a great artist from Australia, named Flick.
Many of you remember him from great groups such as DiE, iCE, and
UNiON. Hes a very valuable asset, and a fantastic artist with a
crude sense of humor, who were like happy and stuff to have. uh huh
Wheres the rest? There are none.. as said in the previous
paragraph, were not trying to recruit for World War I. Besides
Flick is as good as 10 new artists, so we dont need no more thats
worth atleast 25 of kissing up money eh paul?
This month a great artist named Image decided to make a guest
appearance in shiver, and with doing so, he produced his best ansi
ive ever seen from the guy. Hes a great guy, who deserves more
credit than he gets, for the work he does. Hats off to ya image..
This month id like to mention 2 of the artists, that deserve a
round of applause for their great work. First comes my good bud
Joe shattershot This month he produced his absolutly finest ansi
yet. I told him, to not try and draw 5 ansis a month, and spend
more time on his ansis, and to strive to make 1 quality ansi,
instead of 5 quantity ansis, and that he did. If we had a most
improved artist of the month award, he would win it. Next comes
Iodine for the 2nd month in a row! : He once again helped out
shiver by making the most ansis this month, and improving vastly
on his font and picture skills.
Well Im sure I forgot most of the stuff I had planned to tell ya
guys, but the info file is long enough already, and besides I gotta
go feed my cat.. lates yawz
the guardian shiver ss
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