SHIVER April 1965 Member List by Shiver
SHIVER April 1965 Member List by Shiver
a y S H I V E R 0 4 / 6 5 M E M B E R L I S T I N G Senior Staff: Betrayer The Guardian Global Coordinator: Soultaker Telecom: Hellfire Ravin Soul-Taker Shiver View: MrKite A N S I D I V I S I O N Achilles Animal Nitrate Ares Axe Battler Cyber Wolfe Dark Sword Death Karnage Distemper Dynosaw Edge Frosty Genma Heatwave Iodine Jack Daniels Killraven Lord Ash Mystic Shadow Omega Red Omot Phaze Prince of Darkness Prototipe Psionide Sabotage Shattered Link Shatter Shot Spam Thor Trey Azagthoth Warchild Wyvern Zephyr Zulu King
shiver productons is ansi only. if yo are noton ths memberlist,
then you are not in shiver. we are currently only accepting ansi artists, so
if you participate in an art form other than ansi, then please do not apply.