SHIVER April 1965 Information by Shiver
SHIVER April 1965 Information by Shiver
S H I V E R 0 4 / 6 5 I N F O R M A T I O N
howdy doody fellow shiver followers.. welcome to another month of
fun for the whole damn family.. after last months pack was released
everyone complimented us on what a nifty pack we released, and it
appears that practically everyone thought that the new rules aka
no rules and the process of going ansi only was a phunky idea.
with the new small member list, communication is amazingly easy,
and efficient, and things which could have never been done before
with a list of 95 members, are now being done. the quantity of our
packs are not as large as they used to be, due to the fact of the
rather small member list, and no deadlines. more quantity would be
nice, but i have never believed in making an artist do something
they dont want to do..
ever since the shiver legacy was formed, we have always been
famous for bringing in from 15-40 members a month to the group. now
i could easily continue gaining as many members as i want, but the
new shiver strives to be as small and exclusive as possible.. thus
after many many applications this month, only 2 members were gained
these 2 great ansi artists are death karnage and wyvern. some of
you may remember this guy from acid, ice, gothic, and even empire.
he recently came back into the scene, and decided that shiver was
the place he wanted to be.. kevins a great guy, and for someone who
has only been drawing for a couple months, his work is muy
fabulouso.. and then comes wyvern, the president of a group called
THC ahh love the name hes a great upcoming ansi artist, and i
hope to see some more of his great work in the near future..
i realize that many people didnt get the shiverview scrolling to
work last month.. with the new scrolling technique that is being
used, getting it to work with everyone is not easy.. some bugs have
been fixed, and hopefully it will work for you this month. if not,
theres always next month eh? handle changes this month are,
poseidon to iodine, and demonseed to animal nitrate. this month,
id like to thank iodine for doing a great job on helping me out
when i needed it. he did a great job of making fonts for many of
the ansis in the pack, when i needed them, and from a sneak peak of
his new pics, they look to be amazing.. thanks a million iodine..
many people still ask me, can i have a site, and as i said in
the previous pack, im unsure if were going to have sites. well
the decision has been reached, and shiver will not have any
distribution sites whatsoever.. shiver members are still welcome to
say they are a shiver member site though. there will be a limited
number of headquarter boards, which none of which you may apply for
well thats about it, in summary.. have a very merry april foolz!
the guardian shiver ss
Shiver World Headquarters: Evil Intentions - 408251-6220
Guest Account: Handle: Shiver - Password: Shiver
Shiver Global Headquarters: Failure - 800870-4165
Guest Account: Handle: Shiver - Password: Shiver
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