No! by Faazy
No! by Faazy
picture taken from
somewheres, it is
not an original. if
you would like to
request an ansi, by
me of course, i can
f a be contacted on
either sushi bar z,
or my new board no!.
greetings go out to
Guile, asylum, flood
myth, and sushi x!
ansi : faazyshiver
F damnit!, dont you fools have any imagination?!? pretend he has a neck and
A body!! sheesh! now forgets about the ansi and pay attention to the number!
oh, by the way, that thing above is like a big knife or something.......
f a
i think i may have been influenced by Guile.
sysops : faazyshiver Guile ACiD
art only.
6 1 9 - 4 3 4 - 0 1 7 7
a n s i A N D f o n t w o w ! b y f a a z y s h i v e r
although it isnt original, but who cares!