One Last Phix by Acid Phix
One Last Phix by Acid Phix
Acid Phix supports NORML,
National Organization f
or Reform of Marijuana
S O S H O U L D Y O U !
p r e s e n
t s a
a n s i a r
p r o d u c t
i o n
Picture from insert in P
retty Hate Machine, by N
ine Inch Nails.
717 795-9408
CLASS - 7449 remember that bitch
NUP - Breakfastfavorite meal o the day
SysGODs - Acid Phix Chemical Halo
SHiVER Member Board
THE Board Acid Phix calls wonder why?
THE leetest board in 717 cuz Acid Phix says so
lookma! Disboardneedz
AP-OLP1.ANS Copyright C Trademark Ac
id Phix SHiV
ER, for
his board, One Last Phix, which is looking for affils.
The picture of Trent is 100 ripped from his picture in PHM.
The rest of the ansi is 100 fucking original.
If you want a Acid Phix ansi of your very own to worship,
beg me for one, cuz I dont have lotsa time.
Greets out to -
* Chemical Halo - Hes leet c
uz I greet em.
* leet bitches on ansi - Their leet, um, maybe.
* First person to toke - leet cuz I say so.