Shiver Promotional by Eerie
Shiver Promotional by Eerie
this is dedicated to all the eerie wanna-bes
. eerie presents: an ansi without a header.
yea, well, its a shiver promo, so if i wo
uld have put a shiver logo in the header, and another
one in the end of the an
si, it would have looked lame.
he says:
get outta my way
or i will phunk you!
s h i v e r 1 9 9 5
i dont care what they say about us anyway, i dont care b
out that
what tg? you dont like the logo?
oh, anyway i promised a 100-liner..
aw shit.. so bored to do th
fucking stupid logos.. less
something easier
bahahahahaha! i cant believe ill actually give this to tg for
the next pack..
all the ansi here was done by eerie shiver and some others too
the first shiver logo was done by young shiver, shame on him
the puke on your screen was done by insert
yer name