Huma by Shattered Link
Huma by Shattered Link
Title : Huma
onth :Janurary 1995
here is going to be a change.
All my works have been f
ree of
charge, but that is go
ing to end.
From now on, ALL reque
sted ansis
will cost you mon
ey, well work out
ils later. However, if I make
ansi for you, without you asking
for it,
itll be free.. - sK
6 1 9 4 8
5 6 7 4 1
Greetings this 95 to some r4d SH
iVER members: Guardian, Deathblow,
Dynosaw, and Crimson Ryder
whom I dont know but makes some sick ansis!
heheh.. also to Twist
Klone and Lemonhead: u l3m0nat0rs
! BlackJack: Hey,
whats up dude, how come you
dont make ansis anymore?? And how bout some
greetz to ACiD, iCE,
UNiON, SHiVER hehe, RELi
C, CaNCeR, and NAFTA: wh0a
619 is moving warez.. good job
Marco Polo and General Zenor. I guess that
is it for Janurary 95.. Febura
ry is gunna kick-ass! hehehe -
You want to be
a cool guy and
join SHiV
Well all youhaf
to do is get the
app from any
SHiVER affil.
and somehow get
it to the WHQ,
Evil Intentions.
This is has been a copyrighted production of S
HiVERc. Janurary, 1995