Sushi Bar Z by Faazy
Sushi Bar Z by Faazy
this pic isnt original, someone owns a copyright to it, but i could give
a shit. if you would like to request an ansi by me, i can be ...ahh, screw
it, no one is going to request an ansi, so its rather pointless to state
where i can be reached isnt it? greets to Guile, flood myth, asylum,
psibelius, and all shiver members. ansi by f a a z y of shiver productions
Font idea from VN :
s u s h i b a r z
h o u s e o d a r i s i n g s u n
sysop : sushi x acid
cosys : guile acid asylum union flood myth shiver
acid union shiver member board
freefall international net agoranet
other affils that i dont feel like listing here
node 1 : 619.438.0114 node 2 : 619.438.2879
a n s i b y f a a z y s h i v e r
f o n t b y g u i l e a c i d