SHIVER 01/95 Information by The Guardian
SHIVER 01/95 Information by The Guardian
1 2 / 9 4 N E W S L E T T E R
Howdy yawz! Welcome to another fun filled month of The Guardian
spilling his guts out on how nifty Shiver is. Not much new has
happend this month except for the gain of 20 or so members, but ill
go into greater detail of that later :
Well as I said in the 12/94 pack, Shiver Net would be up and
running by the New Year, and would I ever let you guys down? Of
course! : Me being the lazy mofo I am decided that Shiver Net wasnt
really needed at the current time great excuse eh? We already have
great communication, and thanks to our revamped telecom division, we
have LEGAL voice conferences almost daily :. When the demand for
Shiver Net reaches an all time high, then I will act on the demand
of my fellow shiver amigos, and make ShiverNet a reality. Anyways
onto bigger and better things...
This month we have gained another batch of fantastic quality
members, especially in our ansi division. First off comes an ansi
artist which is world renown for being one of the only ansi artists
who can draw over 31 ansis a month thats 1 a day. elite! Yes you
guessed it folks, we gained dat dood wit da phunky shading, Eerie
from Relish! Err i mean Relic.. Honest mistake really Of Course
He still does most of his ansis for Relic, but none the less its
great to have him! actually it isnt, but I try to be a nice guy
Next on the agenda comes a fabulouso artist by the name of Heatwave.
This guy has only been drawing ansis for a month, and as you can see
by his ansi in this pack, this guys got da phunky artistic talent!
I saw his last ansi, and damn has he improved. Lets give it up for
Heatwave! b00 yeah! Hmm lessee, oh yeah, next comes to us an artist
who really has a nifty oryginael stile. Who could it be? Is it a
man? Is it a woman? No! Its Super Inner Vision! ok bad joke I
know this guy drew 2 outstanding ansis and 1 dazzling Rip in the
period of only 48 hours! thats 2 days ya know Thats pretty darn
elite if I must say so myself. He also told me to tell all yawz that
he does music, rip, ansi, lit, ascii, and vga! can we say talented?
you can say it, but I dont know why you would want too.. Next on
the agenda comes a damn ass fantastic ansi artist from Blade. This
guy joined Shiver, and the same day that he joined, he had an
opportunity to join Union and Ice, and being the swell guy he is,
after knowing the shiver guys for only one day, he decided to stick
with us thanks to 500, a new porsche, and a pretty pink purse with
diamonds on it Lord Ash is definatly one heck of a guy. As Beaver
once said, gee Wally hes swell. Next comes another newcomer to the
scene who goes by the handle of Phaze thats haze with a P before
it, incase you were wondering.. This guy just drew his first real
ansi, and taking a look at it, I was absolutly dumbfounded. Never in
my life have I seen such an outstanding first ansi. Unfortunatly
after trying to call him for 5 days straight I was unable to reach
him to get the ansi. Life sucks dont it? Hopefully he will have it
next month. and if he dont, I will kill his family and his pet
monkey, Wally yet another fantastic upcoming artist has joined us!
This guy goes by the name of Phaedrus. Hes only been drawing ansis
for a couple months, and damn hes got da phunky talent! Next comes
yep you guessed it, another upcoming artist in the scene, who goes
by the handle of Sabotage its SABOTAGE! Now this guy blows my mind
away. He made us 2 of the most wikid ansis in the process of only
2 days. I think we have another eernie here folks! err I mean
Eerie. chuckle This guy is eliter than those burritos you stick in
the microwave for 2 minutes. And if I must say so myself, thats
pretty darn elite. What did columbus use to get to america spelled
backwords? whats great for those days when you need to throw
something at somebody? Whats 100 kosher? yes you guess it! Its
Spam! A phuntastic artist who loves drawing 100 lines of rainand
I must say, his rain is pretty darn elite and phunky ass oryginael
pics! I used to hate Spam, but now I love it! Another satisfied
customer Next comes a nifty kickin artist who goes by the handle
of Mystic Shadow. This guy is pretty darn elite if I must say so
myself. His ansis are da rockin thang of ninety five, but
unfortunatly after calling him for 10 days straight, I couldnt
contact him, and thus he didnt get any ansis in the pack. hopefully
next month eh? and if ya dont, read what I wrote to phaze.
Disclaimer: The Shiver Seniors are in no way liable for the deathof
anyones family members. If you did not make an ansi for the shiver
pack, it is merely a coincidence that your family has been
slaughtered, and the phrase shiver rules in 95! is written on your
bedroom wall with your mother and fathers blood. Next, comes an
elite dude from the other side of the world. Yes, you guessed it!
Its an aussie! This aussie goes by the name of Trey Azagthoth
I have no idea.. Anyways lets ignore his handle, and move onto
other things. This guy draws some wikid ansis, with a kool nifty
shading stile, which incorporates the latest technology of colored
blocks with a keyboard. This guy pretty much rocks as you can tell!
Yay another aussie! We got one of the most elite aussies in the
scene! Yes you guessed it, we got flick! nah just foolin with ya.
We gained Warchild, aka Randers from DiE. This guy is one of the top
3 artists in all of Aussie Land. And from what Ive seen, there are
only about 3 or 4 artists in australia.. so from my calculations he
comes in dead last.. : since this guy is so damn elite, and that he
is the first aussie I have talked to voice, I promoted him to the
official position of Australian Ansi Artist! And then a few hours
later and 1000 he was promoted the position that all you americans
dream about... Australian Coordinator! yay! Well that was a great
trip To Australia, but I outta be heading back now. Guardian gets
back in his plane and flys back to Los Angeles The Anime master
from Relish joins shiver this month! Who could it be? Is it an old
person? is it a middle aged person? no its Young! another bad joke
.. I know Ive always loved this guys work, and im extremely happy to
have him in shiver. From what I saw in the relic pack he thinks were
the elitest, which we are and dats pretty elite if I must say so
myself. A really nifty guy who goes by the handle Matrixx sorry
to break it to you bud, but its spelled with 3 xs not 2 He has a
really phunky virtual reality stile to his vgas, which is a nice
fresh thing to see these days in the scene. This month we gained
our last and final courier. He said he could courier to as many
boards anywhere in the world as we wanted its about time I found
found a courier for our 15 international HQs. muhahaha Whats this
guys name? The Wizard! that handle is almost as original as mine!
This month our telecom division has vastly improved. Some great
guys named Hellfire and Ravin joined up with us. What do these guys
do you may ask? uhh... they do some pretty elite stuff.. nuff said.
I know I probably forgot a few hundred people off this list, as I
usually do.. but im not perfect actually I am.. If I forgot you
off the list, im incredibly sorry to be honest I dont give a flying
fuck, im just saying this to sound nice and I will make it up to you
next month haha yeah right, suck my dick and like it in any way
possible you actually believe this crock of lies? ha!uhem, anyways
lets continue shall we?
After carefull consideration, we all felt that it was best to
release a music disk, instead of releasing all the music within the
shiver packs. So from now on, we should be having bimonthly or
trimonthly Shiver Music Disks. Next month eye will inform you of
further details and specifications for this nifty shiver music disk
And also we decided to shut down the Ascii department this month.
So if you draw ascii and are thinking about applying to shiver,
please try another group, such as Remorse or Kts. Same goes for you
lit dudes..
Unfortunatly due to the holiday season, getting in touch with
some of the shiver members was not an easy task in the least. Most
of them were on vacation the entire holiday vacation. And by the
time I called them to pick up the work, they didnt have any work to
turn in, werent done with the work, or werent home btw read the
disclaimer in the paragraph above for the they didnt have any work
to turn in phrase but none the less, we still managed to get out
one of the best shiver packs as of yet.
Well I hope yawz like the pack, see ya next month!
the guardian el senior de shiver