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the world oWNING ?m@@@m@@@ tour continues.. .
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welcome to serials second pack. we have undergone a lot of shit since the
first pack, but here we are again, phearsome as ever. mart, mjay, and kaz left
to form aphro ascii, and a bunch of the israelis left with them, along with
a few of the swedish people. we also made a lot of cuts for quality, and
stepped up the quality control a lot. thats why this pack has a lot less stuff
than last pack, but overall, the work is better. we also picked up some new
members. haji, pariah, black jack, blazemore, desperado, puff, wish bringer,
and xenophobe. we also have guests from necromancer and kaleidas. meatpod was
also promoted to a senior :. for those of you curious as to why the guys from
israel left, its because they wanted to be in d2mac/romans group called idea,
and they were breaking the policy that bans seniors/founders from dualing, so
they left serial.
if you want to join serial, fill out the application generator included within
this pack, and zip it up with three our four of your best works. mail it to
sargon@serial.ml.org, and i will get back to you within a week or so. if your
work isnt better than any of the stuff in the serial pack, then dont bother
applying .
wassup kids its meatpod, sargons toadie. uh... lesse... yeah, a bunch of lousy
quitters quitted on our asses, taking a good deal of our fOREIGN contingent withthem. but it really wasnt as traumatic as it all sounds. anyway, like sargon
hinted at, we got a bitchass pack for you this month, smaller than our first
one, but who wants to dl an ascii pack thats over 100k? that always makes me
suspicious. buncha guys joined... were getting organized, things are working
out nicely. the web page, which you guys never saw, was moved to a different
server, and you guys probably still wont see it, because Im keeping the URL a
top secret till I finish it. theres also an ftp site which you guys cant see,
for the same reason. ya like the map at the top? me too.
hey, we won blender twice.
stick with us, boyz and goylz... cuz we still have like a million tricks up our
sleeves... and I can run the group better now that Im a senior. anyway,
yeah, apply to serial and shit, because we can always use more doodleboy slave
labor. even if you suck, apply, so you can tell your friends how nice sargon waswhen he dumped your sorry ass.
not only did we win blender twice, we won it twice in a ROW.
we OWN blender. we OWN the ascii scene. and we OWN you, bitch.