namistai bbs by aesthetic
namistai bbs by aesthetic
h e av ens forbidden but im go ing soon. k iss me one last time
vilena rocks my
NAMISTAI BBS - operated by aesthetic
located somewhere in the shithole of australia,
lots of porn and other crap online! :D
will probably be up never ansi.aesthetic 02
---------------------------------------------------------------------- cut here
this ansi took me about a week in total on and off. everything up from the
lines to the shades was done by me, this is dedicated to my girlfriend vilenawho has recently been introduced to the world of ansi.
greets to avenging angel, chracter zero, portia, ataxia, catch22, taintedx,
plazz, unsane, ironghost, savage dragon, skatter, all of mimic, all of glue,
all of revival, and all of sense!