Ground Zero by Sinister X
Ground Zero by Sinister X
Howdy ya little
whimper snappers! :
Sinister X her
e with another dandy
hah for yaw. If you wanna ansi
or vga by me I can be contacted on
the iRC as SinX or sxsaga or
SinistrX or on my boa
rd aCK!Comin
December 13th at 817.485.2575!
100 Pure Earth
Worm Jim!So get outta my face.. :
SySoPz: Sharpy and Animal - Put the rest of your stats here but keep
the bottom stuff please.
--Werd to ya mamma Vanilla iCE : ---------------------------------
-----------Whats sup all, dis be another Ess Eckz in da nine
five! Werd... I just wanna
say a big Fah Q to alla yall who just decided to ignore me since I a
int in
ACiD no mo cause I dropped their asses for Saga. Werd to that homey
But I wanna give some greetz out to: Nuclear Dreamer, Napalm Death, P
q, Rsscde,Vertex, Xshadow, Jazz, Betrayer, iv, Ragnar0k, alla
my boys in Scde and saga,
azure blade, Kingsaver, Snake, The Rook, the 8i7 Shadowhawk, Deviated
, Oderous
Urungus, Sorrowful Deceit, Crash, Psyberrape, Sound of Silence, Dalam
wherever you are, Ill try and voice you tomorrow but its 4:26 am ri
ght now andI gotta get up for school in half an hour, Chemica
l Addiction, Spam, Silver
Rat, Sir Psychoeven though I never hear from ya, Cyberwolfe, and he
ll, just
anyone I like... Thank ya, dont bitch if ay didnt get greetedoh ye
ah, and TMM--This file cant be altered and shit------------