inphormation. by seph/dizzy/keetar
inphormation. by seph/dizzy/keetar
sadist by night.
welcome to sadist 3 - bond of blood.
Err, uhm hi all. bet you didnt think we would make it to a
third pack did ya?, hah. i cant say that i dont feel a certain
sadistic nice feeling when letting you down.
uhm..well.. i hate writing this sheeeeet. . kindof in a hurry
too....oh yeah..kicked LINT out cause hes a looser :P
and BRANE is once again in sadist..
just enjoy the pack and send complaints to or come to sadist and get your ass whoOped.
- Sephiroth leaving over to keetar.
Greets to Grindstoner, SpiritOfRage, ZeusII, Tmowhrekf,
Ifs, Sitesman, Optimus prime, Vader, Spitfire, Starks
all the sadist fanclub :P
Keetar speaking:
In this pack i would like to say a few words, first of all
i would like to thanx Sephiroth for the fine group he created
for us. It is really a success and we have a nice atmosphere
in the group, no downputting zeros can think they are able
to join, dyingsoul * giggle ** . So its hardly any idea
that you even try to join cause we have feeling and class.
I dont think i wanted much more. Thanx to all who have guested
in the pack/packs, you did the right thing.
- Demon am i.
+, Keetar of Sadist - 99