With more than 6000 releases a year, RNS is by far the
largest, longest-standing, and most successful group on the
MP3 scene. Boasting the top rippers, sites, and traders
to be found anywhere, RNS in untouched in terms of both
quality and quantity of releases. Year in and year out,
the biggest releases in the music world are released first
and only by RNS. RNS is interested in more than just the big
hits, however we pride ourselves in remaining on the cutting
edge of music from every genre, whether it be hip-hop, R+B,
house, punk, jazz, rock, or classical.
Do you think you have what it takes to be part of Team
RNS? RNS is always recruiting new hardware suppliers,
pre-release rippers, siteops, and shellbox owners. If
you believe you have something to offer RNS, please
join rns on EFnet and speak to a senior.
Warm greetings to RNSs official
external couriers, DECiBEL,
and our official IRC offer
team, ADDC. Greetings as
well to REV, CMS, and all
other MP3 groups putting
out QUALITY releases.
Hello to our friends at TFL,
cH!SAC join us in rns on EFnet
quality, dedication,
pride, and excellence...
-accept no imitations-