in-pho-phile may ninesix by mr. corruption
in-pho-phile may ninesix by mr. corruption
s a b o t a g e / 2 -- p H U C t! i n f o r m a t i
o n
m a y 1 9 9 6
well, seeing as this is the first release for s2p, ill introduc
e us.
I dont want to get ahead of myself though, so ill start from th
beginning.. sabotage was originally formed about this time last
by metallic blood. a new aspiring ansi artist if thats what yo
u would
call a person bothering you for art left and right grin mb wh
who wanted to start a group. he was asking a lot of people in o
area code to join the group. I really dont know if he was doing
very well though, cause i cant remember. anyway, i was in the
middle of applying to blade, when he asked me to join. me being
seeing as i was told that my chances of getting into blade were
by a member inside the group, i just said what the heck and to
metallic blood i would join sabotage if i did NOT get into blade
well, as luck would have it, i was denied membership in blade, b
it for political reasons or whatever.. but mC didnt like me i gu
so bound by word, i joined sabotage. I hastily pushed for a jul
release, something that definately helped the group. The group d
ok for the next month after that. after a couple of weeks into
august, the group seemed to be going nowhere. and then metallic
blood moved to minnesota. in a state of defunkedness, myself
sabotage member dr. kevorkian impeached metallic blood as presid
and then proceeded to kill the group. the only reason i had for
was because i was getting deep into a relationship with my now e
girlfriend, and had no time for ansi. there.. dead.. sabotage l
since sometime last august, metallic blood has since moved back
wisconsin and has continued drawing. he was a devoted blade mem
throughout most of the time inbetween now and last year august.
we have been on speaking terms for quite sometime.. seeing as t
events of the past year had us a tad bit bitter with each other.
things had cooled off, and i had expressed an interest in drawin
in febuary i was slightly interested in making music, through a
local group called circuitry ran by dark prophet greet to j0o
and with that i cannot play favorites: greets to divine interve
and the whole ash kRo0 g. Seeing as dp bugged me, i ended up
drawing a few fonts and all. Then i got into ansi full blast, a
approached metallic blood on the idea of starting a new group.
well, things went well. we thought about it for a few days, and
decided that s2p was the name we liked.. after all, a name is ju
a name.. so even though sabotage/2 - pHUCt isnt a real sensical
name, we still like it. Now with a whole new out look, and our
work looking better, we hope to stick around and do some art.
ok just a little thing i feel like mentioning. a lot of the stu
going on in the art scene, is a little annoying. i refuse to
bore you with one more dis-gruntled rant by some artist who feel
wronged in some way. but as one of the founders, i decided to
try and instill the following ideal for our members: art for ar
sake. which in my mind should be drawing for the sake of doing
it. be it for fun or whatever. pretty much keeping the politic
to a minimum. which is kind of insane, cause regardless of what
says, the politics will always be there. anyway, with people ta
ing all kinds of stuff about who is better than who, i say who c
draw cause you want to. not cause you might be elite in someone
elses eyes, or perhaps cause you might get payed for it someday
cause face it, ansi artists make wages far below minimum wage.
hours on a 170 line ansi, that is worth about 25-35 bucks.. who
anyway.. just a bunch of stuff..
wrap it up fool
thats pretty much it. this release isnt huge, but its pretty d
art. i personally hope that all the members that have expressed
some kind of desire to make this their full time group, decide t
do that. i know that there is some doubt in my mind, that some
of the members will actually do that. anyway, the better we can
get, the more they will like the group. and i hope that we can
some long time positions filling here.
if you want to join s2p, call the pharcyde@414-820-0784 or leave
me e-mail at just apply as a new
user on the pharcyde, or if you go through e-mail leave your nam
handle, phone number, and a zip of your latest/best work. obvio
state your business. i read my e-mail almost every day, so that
be a inexpensive way to handle it.
written by: mr. corruption / for the s2p hijacking
what cant drag you on, can drive you mad. a million lie
to sell yourself, is all you ever had..