Well another month down and another pack out. Whats the
haps, you ask? Well deathrow has left the ranks and we wish
him the best of luck. But as part of the trade we got our
hands on TOMBIN. Hes a new buck with a hell of an urge to
draw and keep on learning. Keep your eye on this one. .
.- I think saying a few of us are already burning out is kind
of an understatement. Im no exception to this rule. Youll
notice this pack is a little void of ret work. I apologize.
Real life calls and I answer. Personally Id rather release
quality instead of quantity, and I think most of us in roots
feel the same.
Burned out or not, I promised to deliver monthly packs and
Im a man of my word.
Tearing up the textmode this month is jack phlash. Wow.
We owe jp for keeping this thing rolling. Kudos to you, man.
As I said before, Im not much for NFOs. May the work speak
for itself.
Until next month -retribution.
...P.S. JP Im gonna rock your socks off next month. :