7/97 Logo Collection by CyberGod
7/97 Logo Collection by CyberGod
Something for the REMORSE x 1981 June pack
Cybergod / Epsilon Design Remorse, minimalistic to the bone
Sorry for somewhat weird stuff, I just happened to smash a bee towards the
screen, and just didnt notice it until a little while ago :P So this small
sample is best viewed at my place and with my monitor.. gah
This ones for OPX Opium gfx, If theyre still around? : Just watched some
old ansi packs and got somewhat inspired.. and since I cant yet? do pc ansi,
I sat down and ripped something.. gahghah...
/ / . / / / / /G
/ / / / F
/ // cG/X
Yep, while Im at it.. another Ansi/ascii group that I know nothing about on
their status right now.. Dead or not, they deserve something.. right? :
/ cG
This one aint exactly minimal.. hm.. but anyways. Acid is acid, and psychedelic
it should be :
c : / / / . / G
Ehrm.. Big is beautifull..? :
/ oo .
Competitors or not, I hope were all in it for fun anyways.. Fuck them who
charges money for ascii/ansi, and fuck trades. Do it cause of respect, friend-
ship or just plain boredom!
Ok, sorry for so few logos this time. Ive been busy moving and with work. I
havent been on the net much, hardly anything at all the last month. But if
youd care for some ascii, just leave me a mail at: dma.dlt@usa.net
Or try finding me on irc cg or cg those rare moments I crawl away from
reality, to join my cybernetic friends :
Also keep track on the ami scene where Epsilon Design will do or have done some
experimenting, hard hitting style setting or lunatic tapping. If you like old-
school, youll apreciate us and others :.
Btw, need I remind you that this should be wieved with afs.com.. though Im
affraid to say it wont come near the original.. buy a cheap amiga and feel the
difference : Thats it.. ttyl
- Erik, Cybergod