art by sammael
art by sammael
this is some superleet hidden text... just
cuz im so cool. you know somebody might
want to rip some stuff here... hahahahaha
oh man thats funny... i just wet my pants
from laughing so hard. now im cold and i
am weeping like an old lady. hm. i think
i will get some new pants now.
hi. im matt.
i do art.
view this.
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t note i spell my handle sammael, not Sammael. at the time when i chose it everyone was using badass handles. it doesnt fit
anymore. but thats ok... its original.
this logo was originally released with jive... but i dont think anyone actuallylooked at the jive packs. so here it is again. keep in mind i made it in december. :
jivejeyeve sm sm sammael sm sm
beyond vision
this thingy was made for misc debris... but i decided to do a 24liner for them,and this logo simply didnt seem to fit. again, keep in mind that this was donesometime last summer... like june or july...
this is the very very very first ansi i did. many many many years ago.
/ Mm
betrayah- oh shit.. do any of you know how to write those hidden messages on
matt betrayah hidden messages? you mean the ones that show up when i rip