Showdown Instructions by lazthaus/skatter
Showdown Instructions by lazthaus/skatter
ANSI Showdowns
1 What are ANSI Showdowns? The concept was created in the message bases on
Black Thursday, basically created by lasthaus and skatter, and over time
ideas contributed by outside artists helped shaped the overall competition.
ANSI Showdowns let artists in the scene challenge fellow artists. Both
artists set their own rules as far as content and time limitations, and
use their artistic skills to attempt to out draw one another.
2 Who runs ANSI Showdowns? Nobody really runs the Showdowns themselves, which
is what makes this competition different from other ideas that have come up
in the scene in the past. Showdowns are one on one competitions. An artist
initiates the Showdown by personally contacting them with the proposal. Once the artist being challenge accepts the offer, both artists agree on the
any limitations that may apply. Example: Some artists may want color,
content, size 25lines/50lines/etc, or time limitations which will be agreed on before the artists begin their drawings. Once the guidelines have been
set and approved by each artists, their work will be drawn on their own time
and completed before the agreed date and time. Once the draw off is over,
each artist will email their own submission to skatter either through
Black Thursday, or The art is to be emailed by the
artist who created the ANSI in order to guarantee that the opposing artist
is unable to cheat. If certain guidelines have been agreed upon, skatter
needs to be informed so that submissions can be checked for validity.
3 The only outside involvment will be related to the voting and the score
keeping. The voting will be done anonymously by people in the scene by
logging into Black Thursday, and accessing the ANSI Showdown menu. There
people will be able to view both submissions by the artists, and vote on their choice for best ANSI. Voting will continue for 1 week only after the
submissions have publicly been posted. After the week is over, the votes
will be reviewed by skatter, and the winning artist will receive a point
on their personal WINS/LOSSES record.
4 The scores will stay on record continuously, however once voting ends on
a particular showdown, only the 5 most current showdowns will be available
for viewing. NOTE, you will NOT be able to vote on a showdown once the
voting period has ended! It is extremely important that you check up on
Black Thursday to see who is currently featured. There will be no updates
for new showdowns, so call back frequently to make sure that you do not miss
out on any competitions!
5 NOTE, even though the competition is featured on Black Thursday, this is not
an event hosted by Black Thursday, or Revival. ANSI Showdowns are between
participating artists, and have no involvement or connection to any affiliate board or ANSI group.
6 Please keep votes honest! Remember this is all for fun, everyone should be
able to judge the most deserving winner without bias! The point of ANSI
showdowns is only to bring competition and inspiration to the scene and to
participating artists with a different edge. This is a way for artists to
get to know each other, and continually work to improve their art. We would
like to see everyone get involved, so if you are an artist, and have always
wondered how you would compare to a fellow artist, now is the time to
call them out!