Anal Sex by Sinister X & Ize
Anal Sex by Sinister X & Ize
Sx Ize ReViVaL - Splooge! Big thanks to Ize without his help this font would have sucked a hairy piece of turtle shit.
Why would I make an ansi about anal sex? It obviously doesnt advertise
any boards, and if it does you just got yourself a free ansi. It wont gain me
any popularity at school. Has no social redeeming, and will open me up to a
series of jokes afterwards throughout the ansi scene. Allow me to explain, as
of April 25th, yes the month of this release, I will be 23 years old. And I
have still not to this day had anal sex with a girl yet. Why does that matter
you ask? Easy, curiosity! Why would they make porno videos like Anal 101 and
Ass Fucked if people didnt enjoy it? Obviously theres something Im missing
out on here and its a nice piece of ass! Im not gay btw might want to go
ahead and disclaim that before I go any further I dont get it! Im 59 and
have 7.5 inches of manpower, and despite the one ho who fucked me over to get
my ex-best friend to fuck her Ive had 5 out of 6 girls agree that Johnnys
dick *IS* the shit, and thats not bad odds for an ansi doodler! It has since
then been added to my top ten list of things Id like to do before I die,
let me show you just to prove it:
Johnnys Top Ten List of Things He Wants To Do Before He Dies
1 Revenge on enemies using Semtex and Tear Gas
2 Get masters degree
3 Be able to bench 200 lbs.
4 Own an Aston Martin
5 ANAL SEX!! -- See?! Right there! I fucking told you!
6 Find a working Sega Master System emulator for a Linux Console
7 Finish work on sci-fi novel/game Hacking Golgotha
8 Learn how to model a character in 3d Studio Max
9 Eat a 6 sub in one sitting
10 Get life right with God
And that concludes my discussion about this empty void in my life
which needs to be filled with the utmost importance. So if youre a ho in the
dallas/fw area and you wanna get it on down and nasty. Just call the only
X youll ever need! -Sinister x
That aside, big greetz to ize for helping me out with the font work, we worked
on it with Pablodraw in multi-user mode which is badass when it works right.
I will probably start coding an ansi drawer for win32/linux that will do the
same and work better so be on the lookout. Other greetz as always to my boy
aquishix, as well as empty, skatter, v9, jinx, and all my niggahz in revival.
ansi is my anti-drug