T h e A N S I R e v i v a l ...
news :
February 02 marks the first month of the ANSI revival. Our purpose
is simple.. REVIVE the ANSI scene! Currently we are recruiting any
artists who wish to help in our endeaver. We have already increased
our numbers with some great artists who have been around long enough
to remember what it is we are reviving...
revived artists :
We have revived many artists this month these artists are ready to
perform CPR on the dying scene boy was that lame!.
The Silent Killer :: status: revived
Tsk brings years of ansi experience back to the scene! In addition
this artist is one of the Revival founders.
skatter :: status: revived
skatter, a once 100 ascii artist, has turned to ansi to aid in the
ultimate goal... revival!
discyple :: status: revived
discyple is one of the few who has stuck with the scene, through
thick and thin. Discyple currently releases ascii for TUS The
Usual Suspects, but has agreed to feature his ansi skills in each
Revival release.
black knight :: status: revived
black knight revived his ascii skills this month with his return
to the ascii scene. We welcome beekay and will keep a close monitor
on his pulse..
magnatop :: status: revived
magnatop is the shit, what else can we say. We warmly welcome
him to the growing revival.
Mr. Violent :: status: revived
Mr. Violent is a mystery to all, his life cannot be put into words,
nor his skill. We hope that someday we can explain his behavior, but
for now we will just keep the defibrillator handy ...
prizm :: status: revived
prizm, an ex-s0ap artist, has been around the block about 10 times.
He has shown his ansi skills in past groups such as iCE and Apathy,
Revival is lucky to have such a talented artist among its ranks.
sociopath :: status: revived
sociopath dates back to the stone ages. His influence in the scene
has touched many, including those of nation, which he was a senior
member of..
what next? :
Revival has one goal, to bring ansi to those who still love it. As
long as we can help it, we will continue to release art, and revive
more artists.
If you are interested in going through the revival process, send an
e-mail to: skatter@gaschamber.net, or just find me on EFnet in ascii,
ansi, ans, or revival.