The Rebirth of a Legend
Welcome to the rCa revival pack..
Welcome to RCA 15th released. We hope you will enjoy this pack!
As you can see RCA is back and with force and we still growing with NEW and OLD members ..Yes alot of old members has return to group they have enjoyed and was glad to be in. Alot of changes be made. New staff and better Quality Control. This is RCA re-birth from FIRE. You most likely think yea,yea,yea alot of other groups has tried a re-birth before and have died as fast.
Whats the differnce? well to answer that ALOT..New member mixing in with alot of old members.. The staff is stable and working as team.. Thats what makes the differnce..Team and family working as one to give you a pack to view..But enough of this.. How do i apply to RCA? Easy, just send one of RCA staff the lastest Art and we will look at your work and vote on it. You will know from ME ,personal if you got in or not. Who is the Staff members? Easy ,read the member list :P Internet sites? Yea ,we got one and working on setting up another one too
its : RCA.ML.ORG How can i get bbs distro? You cant, RCA will not have RCA HQ or Distro sites only RCA members may be allowed to called themself RCA member boards But will not be listed.The reason WHY their wont be sites ,is because I seen Boards come and go to fast to keep up..and Internet is a fast way to get the releases out to the world.
Hell Propane made a long long long News Letter for me to fill out..I think hes after me and making me work :p
But i do WANT to thank him for this letter format : ERRORS If your not listed on the members list or e-mail address let me know so i can fix it as soon as i can any errors in the letter im sorry but who Fucking cares about typos pr!
Well thats all i can think of of course me been one of the old folks in the scene im forget full at time.HELl IM OLD OK! Starlord Jamming in the past!
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