RavenLoft by Dracula
RavenLoft by Dracula
ansi by
c Dracula97
Amid the darkened shadows lurks a forceful energy
Driven by a hunger for creativity
Unleashed but on occasion for all the world to see
But at the RavenLoft this force is finally set free
lit ldyblu
breaking through the competition
yeh fools...another bomb from the lord of the darkness himself...
Mas shoutz to The Knight for the Raven font thanx man!
and ldyblu for the lit!
I kinda of winged this ansi and came up with the idea of having him rip
through the screen effect and think it came out quite well.
Oh well... thats it!!
Special shouts 2 Lady Dracula //
And all in rCa/ Twisted/ and fuel!
Any request email me at guars95@ix.netcom.com and we can make arrangements!!!