Lady BLues Lit
Lady BLues Lit
Another LIT creation by Lady Blue
What is this evil among us
That surrounds the core of our lives
That breeds disillusion and heartache
Through no effort of our own device ?
Some say that its wealth or the fruit of the vine
Or the infulence of carnal ways
And I guess that theyre right to a certain extent
But it makes my thoughts go astray...
The same pot of gold that breeds addiction and greed
Can shelter a child or a whole nation in need
And the innocent fruit from the vine thats produced
Can conquer a thirst that deprivations induced
Even most substances that are known to destroy
Have virtuous values, its just the way theyre employed
And aside from the pleasures that our flesh can provide
Thats where the greatest miracle of all is derived
So maybe this evil is not so easily defined
For it seems that, just maybe, its in the choice of the mind
Bring me no flowers,
no gemstones
No bright shiny baubles
for show
Your strong loving arms
and your sweet smile
Are all I need ever to know
Turning your back on peace and serenity
You leave far behind the known tranquility
All sense of calmness and composure is lost
As you stand, mesmerized, by the fervor of Holocaust
header by mr. yuck of rca
Needing a hero to allay all the fears
To slay all the demons, to forestall all the tears
In a world filled with evil, with malice and greed
You search til you find the Solace you need
Eager to discard the sweet morsels of youth
For a world that is filled with stark bitter truth
You reach out for something completely different
And get your first taste of The Gub Mint