Logo Cluster by ContemptX
Logo Cluster by ContemptX
this is my first time releasing any ansi at all, so heres a sampling of what
my ability is at the moment. .. if you want for to trade an ansi or just want
one, my ac sucks pretty hard, so ill probably do something for you, since
i have nothing to draw for anyone. look for me on irc as contemptx, email
me at lifetime@enter.net, or call my board, miscellaneous.debris. youll
want to call the board anyway, since its so rad.
m i s c . d e b r i s
o p . c o n t e m p t
pacman, woo - 6 1 o . 2 8 5 6 6 2 3
this was a joint deal.
so there it is, a measly two things. next month ill have more, hopefully.
ive been sorta busy. peace out bizatch. ah, yeah, and tell me what you
think of my art, etc. please.