fistful of steel
Fistful of Steel
ansi by Dark Jedi
hand shading by Whitetrash
Uhm.. pretty good ansi, i like it anyway.. im getting much better,
which is great! : Id like to thank whitetrash for shading the
hand, i was lost.. : Hmm.. not much to say this time, but id like
but id like to greet kit, starlord, c22, whitetrash, ldyblu, might
y mouse, tsk, cryogenic, and anyone whos getting pissed off for not
being greeted! : HA! : Thatll teach em.. :P hmm.. draw ansis
for my board, dark side strikingly similar to boba fetts, which is
odd, but somewhat funny and ill do one for you! ..
you dont know the power of the dark side
Dark Jedi