Blue Devils shoutouts and
Starlord: for letting a no name like me in to write lit.
kitiara Lady Blue: For being very nice and welcoming
Wildcat, Deek Tator, Rw,Deadhead, and blacklite for being kewl
and the rest of the Rca gang for making me feel welcome. dj!
I forgot, the most important person Creator for introducing me to
RCA Special thanks to darkJ3di and Green Demon for
giving a guy that cant draw worth shit some nice
Shouts to all my homeys in ansipunx
An finally a tribute to the groups Fuel and chrome
that passed on this month. May the artist in in those
groups continue to prosper and return to the art
community real soon.
ansi by dark jedi/rCa
lit by blue devil/rCa