Aids/HIV by kit&damonk
Aids/HIV by kit&damonk
Sex H.I.V/Aids Poem By Damonk I once knew this girl named Dina, I heard she got aids from havingDrugs unprotected sex in her vagina. I told her to use protection and she had a fit, Then she told me she got aids from drinking 35 gallons of spit. -- -- Then I met a guy with aids named Nathan, -- I told him he wouldnt get aids
-- if he only practiced masturbation. -- He told me he did until -- it gave him a terrible burning sensation.
-- - I know you can get aids from a number of ways, one is through your penis, especially if you put it in another mans anus. I met a guy at school who said he got aids from his cat,and more And I said man you lie,
Drugs you cant get aids like that, Then he said it wasnt a cat it was really a horse, But I told him you cant get aids from any kind of animal intercourse. I dont know everything about HIV, But I think it came fromfinally someone who got it on with a monkey. But the moral of my poem was not to cause anyone pain, Its that you cant get HIV if you only yank your chain.
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