RAiD NFO File 11/94 by Grateful Dead
RAiD NFO File 11/94 by Grateful Dead
Rendering Artistically Insane Designs
Welcome to the first edition of the monthly RAiD Newsletter, first
I guess you would like to know some shit about this group. Well lets
start off from our beginings, RAiD was formed under the merger of two
young new groups in the 604. My group was the Clan, which I had just
quit NATiON for, we had some good talent under our belt but were lacking
in other areas. Clan was a mostly ANSi oriented art group, with 5 ANSi
Artists, 1 VGA and 1 Coder. Not very big but every member was highly
talented in their field. The group CLAN merged with is PATRiOT, another
group that had been around for about 1/2 a month. PATRiOT was having
some problems getting off the ground and needed a boost in their ANSi
department. PATRiOT filled in the CLANs holes in the other divisions
while the CLAN helped boost PATRiOTs ANSi department. Shortly after
this merge we aquired several new but talented members from another local
group DEATHSTAR or DTS for short. RAiD is oriented around a completely
relaxed atmosphere you do what you want when you want, as long as you do
contribute something. Otherwise there isnt really any point of being in
an art group is there? RAiD isnt here to compete with any of the other
groups in 604 or outside, we are here just to have fun producing quality
art then bein recognized for it under the RAiD banner. If your interested
in getting in touch with RAiD there are three things you can do:
1 Find Pestilence.RAiD Senior, or another RAiD Member on the IRC
2 InterNet E-Mail me at
3 Call Rise of the Midnight Sons RAiD WHQ at 604431-6515/3821
1 Arrivals
Some new arrivals here at RAiD that we are rather pleased with are
Corn DogANSi and Emerald SkelterANSi who both came over from a
inactive local group DTS. AdidasANSi, ApexANSi/Coding, EtoCoding
and The WarlordCoding have all joined us from nowhere to give us a
much appreciated help in the ansi and coding divisions. Last but
definately not least is YoungANSi/RIP. These new additions look very
promissing for the future of RAiD, and we welcome each and every one
of them.
2 Departures
There is only one departure this month which is due to the artist
not having any spare time at the moment. InquisitorANSi who came out of
nowhere in the past month has proven he is one of the top artists in this
A/C he will be sorely missed and we will forever have a place for him
RAiDView is being programmed using Assembly by our head coder Eto,
RAiDView supports 80x25, 80x50, and VGA Modes. ICEColor is also supported
along with BIN File viewing. Many more features will be added in the up
and comming months to hopefully make RAiDView the best in the scene.
4 Nifty Spiffy Future Notes
Well RAiD has some ideas that will make viewing the Renditions alot
more than just seeing great artwork, we hope to make them entertaining.
So in the upcomming months look forward to seeing fresh new ideas being
poked around in the Renditions. I cant say what any of them are right
now but they will definetly add a certain twist to an already great pak.
5 Voice your opinion!
If you have a problem or a question about RAiD that you would like
answered leave some InterNet mail to me at the adress stated above. I
would like to here from all of you on what you thought of our pak and how
you think we could improve. Dont be shy in what you say I could give
less of a shit if you dont agree with what were doing but I would still
like to here it.
.....gds personals............................................................
Fab One - man, what the hell have you done fer this group huh? g
Asian Knight - we going pretty damn good now eh bud :
Pestilence - you better spread this good! otherwise I gonna take away your
weed supply :
Darkforce - why take second when first is just a step away? :
the edge - fool find spare time then join us :
Prophet - you WHAT!? asked a mist guy and not me! j/k
Pantera - coughwheezeallarthackphlegmchoke :
Dr. Cpu - dont let the atlantis shit die! :
Questor - quit vga you got talent in ansi bud.
Nitnatsnoc - remember to spend more time on your ansis.. you just need practice
Cthulu - we gotta do that collaboration soon man.. .
The Narccissist - man, I havent talked to you shit knows how long.. :
Mavrik - coughjoinraidbutdonttellcthuliecoughwheeze :dont herniate cthuls its
just a joke! :
Shinobi - weee.. weeeeeeell.. :
Young - errgh fergot to ask ya.. join COiL as a critic dude :
Underdog - errgh.. I can never find you man.. be noticeable! :
The Guardian - Prez? so what! were cool. g
Emerald Skelter - man you shure work your ass off good job :
And to all the RAiD and RECOiLlazy bums : guys out there goes big hey.. .
.....fabz personals...........................................................
Aura Of Death - Stop playing pool during school!
Asian Knight - AOD WANTS the GIRLs number hehe
Grateful Dead - Had enough of you already!
Pestilence - Your ideas are radical at times!?
Pantera - The fact is that you got knocked down unconcious
Prophet - Models Inc is not that bad after all
Darkforce - Sea Lion!
Cthulu - Wanna rag!?
Eto - Nice viewer.. beat Minus!!
Soul Blazer - Dont quit dont quit
Elysius - You are nice guy, I think..
Johnny Cage - AOD goes to same school!
Digital Necromancer - Too busy at work, huh? get working d00d
My Love - Im tryin to live up to your expectations
.....Group Greets..............................................................
ACiD - forever number one.
iCE - forever number two, since Aphex Twin is gone.. .
RELiC - dont merge with dark you guys or pretty good.. you dont need it.
SHiVER - some NICE stuff in the last pak and some ok.. good job boys.
UNiON - you dudes just keep getting better :
MiSTiGRiS - spell it right?: lets see who will survive my friends :
DEATHSTAR - who else have ya got hidden away, anyone else good? :
DeAD - Some lame shit group is using your name. Demented Ansi Drawers or
something sad like that.
.....Tis all folks.............................................................
RAiD1094.ZIP - RAiD Rendition 1 was put together by Fab One and the NFO file
here was written by Grateful Dead, all art done by people with two hands one
head and two legs... . errr.. . I hope. :