mind safari by shamen
mind safari by shamen
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,zz. ,iIi. ,n. db ,za
,z ,. z. ,z ,z ,zz n. , .
z z , ..zzDzDz , a
a s ,zz. ,.,ziI zzz db .
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zz zz z.z n db
z zmz zzz. .zz. .zb.dz ,,,
z xz,zZzz ,z. m
, z. .. , .z. , z. .zz
. szzzzz- z r x.z E.
H. z z a .zZ,z z i zz ,
zz z.zz a z ,xxxx.sz z z ,E
.z - z zzz z ,z. zz zz z n
z..,.z, ,z. ., n.
this one is truly unreadable.. i labled each letter to help.. fuckin last word
asci is crampppped as hell.. oh well have fun if you cant decipher it call CMXC
i by shamen c M mndsfhr and ask me or something...... VII-2IIs + a V!
hEY! are you ready for a mind safari?