Paranoid by WindRider
Paranoid by WindRider
I told my friend too much one night.
I told him of the woman who sets my soul alive.
I told him how she makes me feel like living instead of existing.
I told him she probably doesnt know.
I didnt tell him to keep it quiet.
And now I feel like Im in 8th Grade again.
Part of me fears that he has passed it on.
Part of me fears that he hasnt.
Part of me fears that she already knows.
And the biggest part fears that she doesnt give a damn.
Is that normal, or am I special?
Divorce at 15 couldnt help.
Parental lifestyle change...any better?
But I give too much credit to others.
The cause of who I am is me
...and no one else.
-WindRider 04/98
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