Pyro NFO, Members and Files, etc.. by Pyro
Pyro NFO, Members and Files, etc.. by Pyro
pack 2 we got a new member!!!! This is our second pack ever, and its set to be our best! Al- ready we are growing and expanding our reaches. We have a new member in the form of Motive, hes been around for quite a while I guess, but has now only thought of joining a serious group. As you can see, hes a damn good logo artist. terd, op of Acheron, has also joined as the communications co-ordinator! A new coder has also joined going by the name of Shezza. we need bloody members Pyro is always looking for new members, whether you can code, or draw, or compose music, WE WANT YOU. But you have to be of a fairly good standard. suck up job paragraph The oz scene has been booming lately, with new groups sprouting up left, right and centre. Intensity on the Gold Coast are just one of them, I cant remember the others, but youll see their packs if you look for them! AV, who are the undisputed veterans of the oz scene, have also just released their 10th pack, and have also got about 30 trillion new members from all the group
break ups. - Nice April Fools guys : t2 - what a legend, so he says I dunno if you have read the latest Crash n Burn, which is pro- duced by Stone the Crow, which had quite a few funny articles, one of which was by that wierd dude T2 - logo god of the known world. Well, anyways, there arent any Aussie packs being re- viewed, which is a shame, because i Our packs arent being circulated enough, or ii the author just couldnt be bothered putting the down under packs in.. I personally think he would if asked to chuck em in. world hq stuff The World HQ of Pyro was Incubus, but now has changed to Acheron, its the same number +617 3256 0758, but there are just two boards there now, one shareware, and one full-on art/demo orien- tated. - amazing I know Well, anyway, Acheron has already got a few good affiliations, ACiD Agora and Fire Aust HQ, with a few more on the way too.. our povoness We are working at getting E-Mail addresses for the group, hope- fully one address, so all you people can write to us.. Its only a thought at the moment, as we are all povo.. just read it.. Just another thing, if your reading this, and youre a good art- ist, coder, or whatever, get involved in the oz groups, and then
maybe, just maybe we can knock ACiD iCE off the top perch! - weeping killer
pack 2 Name Abr What they do Address/Contact Shaddow Dweller SD Ansi Artist You can either call weeping killer WK Ansi Artist acheron, or one of Genocide GN Ansi Artist the distros, or e- Adolf AD Ansi Artist mail terdy-poo and Motive MV Ansi Artist ask him to pass on Buster BS Ansi Artist The Shadow TS Ascii Artist
terd TRD Asskee/BBS Co-ord Riptide RT Coding Shezza SH Coding a message to the Leggs LG Coding member in question! Status BBS Sysop Tune World HQ Acheron terd +61 7 3256 0758 Member Board Syndicate Genocide +61 7 DONT KNOW Member Board Starship Junkyard Shezza +61 7 3202 8498 Distro Site Arcane Balistic +61 7 5529 6541 Distro Site CRC BBS Craig Rawlins +61 7 3808 1506 Status Site Where FTP /pub/MSDOSUPLOADS/ansi/pyro
If you think you should be here, or want to be, contact terd pack 2 Filename Desc Artist !PYRO02!.ANS The file you should be reading now Pyro AD-BEAT .ANS Beat It! Adolf AD-GUY .ANS Pyro Promo Adolf AD-SHAD .ANS The Shadows Adolf AD-PORTL.ANS The Portal Adolf AD-TPL .ANS The Promised Land Adolf FILEID .DIZ Hmm, I dunno.. weeping killer
GN-COL1.ANS Genocides First Ever Logo Colly!! Genocide GN-L8R .ANS A Generous Donation to the Public! Genocide MV-CMOS .ANS Cmos Hell Motive MV-KOD .ANS Knights of Darkness Motive MV-SONIC.ANS Sonic BBS Motive MV-STAT .ANS Static Shock Motive SD-COLLY.ANS Colly May 96 Shaddow Dweller SD-WHQ .ANS Pyros World HQ Shaddow Dweller TRD-ASS .ASC crap colly 1 terd TS-COL1.ASC TSs 1st Menu Heaer Colly The Shadow TS-COL2.ASC TSs 2nd askii colly : The Shadow WK-COL02.ANS Weepies 2nd Logo Colly! weeping killer
crapy sign off stuff, thats just taking up room Well, thats about it! I hope you like this pack, its by far our best not hard to beat, since this is only the second one! Any- ways, Ill stop blabbing now..