scenic logos by rippa
scenic logos by rippa
hERE is a whole heap of stuff thrown together for sudden deaths emag. though
i didnt, he seemed to like these logos and i hope that they do him well for -
the mag. now maybe he can do me a big picture in return.
--------------------------------------------------------------- reader header
article title:line: OO1/1OO
--------------------------------------------------------------- intro- header
s c e n e i c
e m a g
--------------------------------------------------------- some screen? header
--------------------------------------------------------------- OlDirty rip: whats that scenic shit?? it looks like 2month newbie work
OlDirty you copied me
rippa I COPIED YOU?!
OlDirty whos the originator of that f6 f8 shit?
rippa you just do that f6/f8 shit because youre a try hard euro ansi artist.
rippa youre a try hard TNA/awe.
OlDirty i dont even know tna.