plfvga memberlist by flexor
plfvga memberlist by flexor
P O F F E L I P O H I R E Z 2
the pOffelipOff 2nd hirez pack infofile
Hello again, now were back with our 2nd pack and
its just getting better. The big news for this
pack is that spellbinder joined our small crew.
Ive also kicked one member due to inactivity
Mr. Q. I hope you all like this pack and notice
that poffelipoff vga is just gettin better and
hopefully a few af you decide to join our small
but very creative crew. Special thanks go out to
mongiiCE and psyanide for their guest art. You
can reach me at or just catch me
in the efnet channel plf, thank you for now!
/the one and only.. bonehead
plf vga productions february 98
the leader
da b0nehead db.
the other dudes
alla Xul ax.
big yellow man bym
deezack dee
flexor fO.
litium li.
noah noh
pike pk.
spellbinder sb.
guest dudes
mongi mi.
psyanide psy