the final news by poffelipoff crew
the final news by poffelipoff crew
final art release
welcome to the verry last artpack.. but dont be sad we
will continue rocking in the next plf - phobia art release... we did
a merge thing but thought it whould be nice to make just one more
gummiboll pack... doesnt hurt nobody and of course this is a good
way of ending this epic to begin a new one..
this pack should be the february-pack but puppiluppan has became
quake. since he have played the game 1488 hours in a row and that
made this pack a bit delayed flexor who joined us in january
started up phobia again and thats how this merge thing started.
we didnt manage to be that serious in this pack and well hope you
understand that we doodle for fun and for you to have fun. but were
glad that ZeusII twilight/cia could help us out to make this last
pack a real strike. we also decided to release a pic by our musician
spider though it was so fucking cute that we had to release it.
in the beginning there was radman... and nothing happened until last
december when puppiluppan the founder of poffelipoff gave the world
gummiart! new thinking in an old scene... soo wait until next month
when the new age of the artscene takes place.. poffelipoff is here to
stay! no matter what you think of the name ... we actually dont give
a motherfuck!
soo this is the end of gummiboll... enjoy
big yellow man and puppiluppan