members and disto o3/97 by poffelipoff crew
members and disto o3/97 by poffelipoff crew
p o f f e l i p o f f p r o d u c t i o n s 1 9 9 7
members and distro 97-o3-o3
name: abb: proffesion:
puppiluppan pu! founder m8iest
big yellow man bym vice president flexor fo! phobia leader/founder splash .sp phobia leader/founder
psycho maniak psm leader text division
haze .hz leader music division
spider music
gemini gmn music
cyrax music
hyperextorsion music
jibe music
nibc music/mp3
jazzie .jz music/coding
milton coding
orc orc litrature
psychic caramel pcc htlm coding
kokane htlm coding
drax .dx ansi/ascii
human vox ansi
krazie krz ansi
mso ascii
dezeit .dz ascii
helix ascii
da bonehead dbn vga
oddball ansi
orion music
catonica ansi
mooseart coding/vga
lord spatter ansi
litium vga
hexagon ascii
stinger vga
zavior vga
mr spock courier
this is how the list looks like after the merge thing right now
from now phobia and all phobia members are welcome
in into the plf familly..
official distro list:
wu-tang shaolin island big yellow man world hq +46.31.910904
shamera kye orphic swedish hq +46.33.157875
unknown area vibr8 polish hq +48.22.6653501
m00se city catonica phobia hq +46.8.5501689
shad node 1 oddball m. board +46.8.6301127
node 2 +46.8.6301219
claustrophobic dimension nibc m. board +46.31.447649
diezel milton m. board +46.31.582690
reality spider m. board +46.303.52665
soon but right now watch us at
poffelipoff online sneak preview
phobia art division
contact us by sending email to plf founder phobia leader, phobia leader text leader, music leader
were also on irc EFnet on plf and phobia. if you wanna chat that is