plf 18 - newsfile february by plf crew
plf 18 - newsfile february by plf crew
art with identity
february edition
Welcome to poffelipoff 18
First of all i whould like to congratulate you from having the oppertunity
to watch this pack! The artpacks makes the scene what it is. Bad packs makes
a bad scene and good packs makes a good pack. And why are we good?
Making 18 artpacks gives you a fair good chance of defining your groups
idententity in our scene. We know we are good and you know it too. 18 packs
also make you realise whats the scene is all about and what were doing
here. PLF is here because we want to evolve and having an identity. Thats
why we keep putting out artpacks and put all the effort we can to make them
good by our definition.
Soo please enjoy what we have to give to you and the rest of the artscene.
big yellow man / plf president
il dill
iP il: en rv
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ilPY*. , ----
iilyPYb. ,
----- di
MU! iii ,. .
-------*Y ii88S*. - .
S*P iillb
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,illliii,. i ,*f*gSS :i S*.
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:::::iiiilllllllliilll --- -- -:i
emkplf!:::::::::::::::::::::::: titta bara skuggan p benen!
Memberflow Nya Grisar som sger mu!
Since sims and gsos activity level has dropped since their greatness in 98
i whould be glad to get some new recruits in the group. If you think plf is
the forum for your art and your identity dont hesitate to contact bym or
someone in plf for further discussions
Greets to the people who made this pack possible
drax, zatchmo, nightstalker, plc, pike, absent spinsister, emok, el nio
toot, dv8 ...
sorry for contributing into this small pack trend. well try to make bigger
efforts and bigger packs later on this year... size does matter! //bym