apocalypse main by m01
apocalypse main by m01
zu spt
x sodomie x wie
x vibrator x verdorben
x S/M x diese x die sind...
x natur sekt x jugend von x aber jetzt reich
x pervers x heute x mir mal die
x was? x kaum zu x vaseline
x jaja x glauben x rber eberhardt...
000 mins HOT ANAL CMD: ich bin kuflich
heissasa,-- -- - -
Hmmm - as you can see thats an older work, there are lots of mistakes
inside. But its okay anyway wowee a rhyme. Uhm, welp no more to tell
you? ... uuhmp ... oh, my tag changed from m! to m1 thats kinda
fresher or stuff... huhuh ... im thinking of changing ma name from m0!
to m01 coz many pcb sysops are much too stupid to get extended chars
in the usernames working. Word to these guys: go get remote access
fisting offfff ,,,, m01