chocolate treat by phat twinz
chocolate treat by phat twinz
chronicc ph
cc.phat. aND
the thrasher
sorry, i got hungry
--while wa
iting in
V line...
tgeneration,. .,ihavetofillthisup!
the thrasher: pic
chronicc: big font
done by the phat twinz: the thrasher and chronicc... this
ansi goes to the
twisted and alienish frostbyte weve all grown to love. well
be releasing a
new extra-tasty-crispy joint ansi every 2 months so look for
the next soon.
tt greetz: twisted foo, chronicc, osiris, trace, e
x-l, frosty and uhmmz, i cant think cuz its late,
so greetz to everyone! now go munch on some
alien chicks
cc greets: the thrasher, osiris, twisted foo, trace, frosty,
ghetto dweller,
grim, toon2, annerysm, caustik, blade, the phat crew, impact crew, a
nd everyone
else in the scene.
irc as tt found in channels winnipeg, 204, ansi
art boards in 204: point unknown, morals obscure, fatal impac
home page at:
im occasionally on irc, you can reach me at: pu, u2, fi, era
d, r2, mo, whOOP!
well. or my email adress: