Ascii Colly I -2/97- by dreadnought
Ascii Colly I -2/97- by dreadnought
I am happy to do free
or trade ascii or ansi
If you want a piece of
my art, or do a trade:
for : apokryphos - requested YES/no
s t o r m - 1 9 9 7
for : chickenlips - requested YES/no
dn!-297a.asc - Febuary Pack 1997
Ive separated all the works Ive done into 4 formats, Diz Colly, Logo Colly,
Menu Colly, and Ascii Requests Logo Colly. If you need an ansi, or want to
trade, contak me at If you are requesting, a
feedback on suggestions is required : Oh, and one last thing, NO BBS ADS.
Feedbacks and requests: